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Stop Letting Other People Direct You

August 05, 2017

We’ve all met the perennial procrastinators, the kings and queens of indecision. You know, those people who are lost about what direction to choose in life. They constantly hope someone else will make their choices for them or lead them in the right direction — perhaps the ubiquitous Siri.

Have you noticed that nobody has ever led you in the direction that’s right for you?

“Until you choose to have you as your own guidance system for your life, you’ll try to make others responsible, so you don’t have to be,” founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas said recently.

Often, there’s a good reason for not doing what we’d truly like, such as having to be good parents.

Gary reminisced, “As a parent you have to be moral, righteous, good. You don’t get to be anything you want to be. You have to be what the kid needs you to be, even though they don’t necessarily want you to be that.”

Dr. Dain Heer added, “We have people in our lives who determine our haves and our have-nots; our choices and possibilities or the lack thereof, based on their points of view and what they require of us and what we commit to doing and being.”

Gary and Dain were talking about using an automatic GPS for life, whether it’s an intelligent assistant like Siri or a family member, on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America.

If you’ve been depending on Siri to tell you where your life is, finally realizing what’s true for you can be rather startling; like taking off a costume and being naked and vulnerable to the world. And, what if that’s not a bad thing?

“Being vulnerable and naked is one of the greatest gifts you can have,” Dain pointed out. “It’s one of the greatest ways you can be in the world, because you don’t have walls and barriers, you don’t have projections about who you are. What a gift! This space of being naked in the world, being vulnerable, is a true power.”

As useful as Siri is, she doesn’t always get things right and quite often the result is hilarious. If you’ve been hogtied, when you would much rather be a hottie, listen to this laugh-out-loud episode on Voice America HERE.

You’ll also gain insight into how your choices, the ones you make and the ones you avoid, are actually keeping you from having a fun life.

Gary said, “The purpose of life is to have fun, not to have misery. Not to be serious. Go choose and have fun. Be a joke, don’t tell a joke. That way others will laugh at you!”

Laughter, as we know, actually heals the planet and creates way more change than tears.

If you love listening to the Access Consciousness show on Voice America, consider getting the clearings and recorded processes from this show delivered straight into your inbox. The Pearls of Possibilities are only $10 a month. The more you listen to the clearings, the deeper they go and the more your life changes.



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