A Different Way To Create – Benevolent Capitalism

June 04, 2017

The excitement is building for the Benevolent Capitalism class, held in the birthplace of business — Venice, Italy!

As words go, Benevolent Capitalism are two of the most heavily judged. Capitalism is often portrayed as evil, horrible and terrible but it originally meant to grow capital, which back then was cattle. Benevolent comes from 2 ancient Latin words: bene and volent that together mean for the good of all.

“It’s not about going out and creating a major business and trying to change the world, which was my thing,” says the amazing Chutisa Bowman. “Once I embody and be the benevolent capitalist in my own life I become the catalyst for different possibilities wherever I go.”

You don’t have to own a business or work for a major corporation to be a benevolent capitalist. You can be a mom or a dad, an entrepreneur or a pensioner.

Benevolent Capitalism is not a doing; it’s a space of being.

You’re invited to a world-changing series of discussions that will take us into a totally different space of how we can choose to be in the world and be the change the world requires now. And there’s some cool stuff about business too – watch for more below!

You can learn more by checking out the Benevolent Capitalism Podcast on Soundcloud HERE.



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