2017 Energy Psychology Conference in San Antonio

June 07, 2017

‘Wow! Could I have another session?’ ‘I saw a barcode being deleted!’ These are just some of the responses Terrie Hope, Glenna Rice, Adam Johnson, Linda Wasil, Georgia Watson, Bret Rushia received when running Bars at the 2017 Energy Psychology Conference in San Antonio, TX.

There were more than 500 people at the event who were psychiatrists, psychologists and many other professions that attended this 4 day event.

The Access Bars exhibit was one of the busiest in the exhibit hall where they had the opportunity to contribute to 70 – 80 people by running their Bars. Dr. Terrie Hope and Dr. Glenna Rice presented a mini workshop on Access Bars.

Check out more about Bars at the Energy Psychology Conference in Adam and Linda’s video HERE!



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