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Are Unfulfilled Promises Destroying Your Life?

February 22, 2017

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Politicians — and wayward lovers — are well known for making unfulfilled promises. But so do we. And so does our world.

Unfulfilled promises keep you stuck so you can never be the chaos that creates beyond the promise you have made.

“Rather than creating your future…you say I have this promise I have to keep. Or I have this promise I have to make. None of it has anything to do with what’s true for you.” That’s what founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness.

As Gary and Dr. Dain Heer were shining a light on unfulfilled promises, and their deleterious effect on our lives and our world, some listeners felt as if their lives were flashing past.

Unfulfilled promises can be deeply corrosive. Imagine making a promise to not be poor in your next life and then finding yourself without all the money you desire in this life time? You would judge yourself 24/7 and then some! Or, if you made an unfulfilled promise to never not be like everyone else, how could you be as different as you truly are?

Any time you have a sense that something isn’t coming to fruition, you’re dealing with an unfulfilled promise. Either one that you made or one that you bought.

  • So how many unfulfilled promises have you made that you have not kept?
  • How many unfulfilled promises have others made to you that they have never kept?
  • How many energetic promises are you waiting for people to fulfill?

Our world is also littered with unfulfilled promises. A primary promise on the planet right now is that intellectual awareness is not necessary and not desirable.

Intellectual poverty is considered the primary source of creation. We’re not taught to create awareness and intellectual capacity is diminished to the lowest common denominator.

Gary said, “What you’ve got to recognize is the majority of the world wants you to reign in your intellectual awareness. How much of your intellectual awareness have you reigned in, in order to fit the necessity of being the promise of being unaware?”

So what’s the opposite of unfulfilled promise? It is choice — and as Gary often says choice creates.

Have you ever functioned from, someday I’ll be happy? That’s an unfulfilled promise that you never keep to yourself. Instead you could choose happiness.

So what can you choose that nobody else can choose?

As Gary said, “There are no unfulfilled promises, there are only choices that haven’t been made.”

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