Finding The One and Other Relationship Myths

February 27, 2017

It was Shakespeare who said, The course of true love never did run smooth

Does this scenario sound familiar? You think you’ve found The One, who is amazing, loves you totally and doesn’t judge you. But circumstances, or family and friends then get involved and your relationship turns into a trauma and drama. You so desperately desire to be with the one you love, it feels as if leaving is not something you could choose and yet every path leads to pain and suffering.

Whether it’s love, sex, business, money or any other aspect of living, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer can always be relied upon to give a very different perspective; and usually that allows you to change what isn’t working for you rather dynamically.

“You want a relationship that expands your life; not a relationship that contracts your life in any way,” Gary said recently on the Access Consciousness® show on Voice America.

When you think that you’ve finally found The One — and there’ll be no one else for you out there — you become trapped in your very need of that person.

“A relationship based on need is a horrendous place to be,” Dr. Dain Heer added.

But this is how most people build their relationships. They think: this is the first person that loved me or this is the first person that had sex with me. The idea is that it won’t ever get better.

Dain frankly admitted that one of the places he used to get trapped was with women and sex.

“You keep thinking this is the only one I’ll have and this is as good as it gets,” Dain said. “It’s just not true!”

In reality, you always have a choice. If you’ve once found somebody who doesn’t judge you, chances are you’ll find another person like that who is also willing to create an expansive life with you.

Dain’s pragmatic advice is, “Be grateful for the gift this person is and has been in your life. You truly have a choice to stay or go. But you only truly have that choice when you’re not making them the source for not judging you.”

“If you found one person that’s not judging you, guess what? That’s because you’re finally willing to have it in your life. You will find others.”

Would you like more clarity on relationships, and an irreverent take on starting a new business? Listen to this enthralling episode of Voice America in full by clicking here.

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