3 Tools to Enjoy and Love Your Body

November 17, 2016

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Heather Nichols

Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator

Heather have been playing with bodies and energy, her whole life. She is an Certified Access Facilitator and travels the whole world creating more in peoples lives.

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Guest Blog Post by Heather Nichols, CF

Our bodies are incredible, alive, sensorial organisms that have so much awareness about so many things! When we ignore our bodies, or wish we didn’t have to pay attention to them, we cut off so much awareness that might actually really contribute to our joy and the flourishing of our lives. What if being aware of your body could be fun? What if it could allow you to create more in every way?

One amazing thing that our bodies do is move. With 360 joints, our bodies are designed for movement. Movement can be a source for much greater joy, aliveness, and even creativity if we are willing to use some simple tools.

Here are 3 tools to cultivate much greater awareness of your body with movement.

1) Move it!

Bodies love to move, and when we move our bodies, they are so much happier! Take time each day to move your body. This isn’t about the prescribed amount of exercise that every body ‘should’ get. This is about the enjoyment of your body. What is fun for your body? Taking a walk? Stretching? Dancing? Do something every day that increases the amount of pleasure and enjoyment you have with your body, and you may notice your life changing as a result!

2) Pay Attention to Sensation

Sensation is one of the main ways our bodies communicate with us, and a great way to have more awareness of our bodies. When you start to pay attention to sensation, it can become a source of joy and pleasure in your body. When you move your body—even through breathing or brushing your teeth—you will experience greater sensation. Our bodies never actually stop moving! The next time you brush your teeth, notice the sensations that come from the movements your body is doing. What would it be like to be that present with your body all day long?

3) Explore!

With so many joints, muscles, bones, and connective tissue, our bodies can actually move in an incredibly diverse number of ways. Explore moving in different ways. When you walk, how do you move your hips & shoulders? Are you aware that you are moving them at all? Start to notice what in your body moves when you do daily activities. What is moving, and in what way? What is not moving? What could you add, or change, with your movement that would create more joy, more ease, and more pleasure in your body?

The more we play with the possibilities that our bodies have, the more alive and creative we tend to become. If you could move your body in a totally new way today, what would that be? If you could notice new and different sensations today, what would that be?

When you begin to notice that you are always moving—and pay attention to it—you will have a much greater awareness of your body! And you will probably have a lot more fun, joy, and creative juice as well!

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