What if being a man were a pleasure, instead of a wrongness?

November 17, 2016

Whether you’re a man involved in the dating scene, or in an intimate relationship, there are probably lots of things you’re trying to get right. And you may not even be aware of the one thing that’s incredibly and irresistibly sexy — being the man you truly are.

“You can’t have a good relationship if you’re not being everything you are and you’re not happy for the other person to be who they are,” founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said recently. “There’s nothing wrong with you for being a man; there’s nothing wrong with you for being a woman. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Gary was talking about men, women and the judgements that get in the way of creating relationships based on honouring yourself and trusting yourself, on the Access Consciousness show on Voice America. It’s a free and fascinating three-way conversation between Gary, co-creator of Access Dr Dain Heer and the amazing Chris Hughes.

Gary grew up in the ’40s when a man had a role and knew what it was.

“The man opened the car door. The man did this, the man did that. The woman did these other things,” he recalled. “I saw my dad bend over backwards to make my mum happy.”

Over the years, he has noticed that men don’t seem to have a place to be men in the world.

“The perpetrated point of view on this planet is that men are always taking advantage, men use you and abuse you. But they never see what men don’t get, what men don’t have and what men don’t achieve.”

Gary and Dain realised a new paradigm in relationships is possible, where people can have intimacy and not buy into the lies and judgements that are so endemic and inherent in today’s relationships. This led to a dynamic Access class, The Gentleman’s Club. It’s designed to show men how to be happy with themselves, which allows them to be happier with the person they’re in relationship. For Chris, The Gentleman’s Club was a major game-changer. He’d previously thought his job in life was to serve. He always had someone he was trying to help, like a pigeon with a broken wing. “The biggest thing for me from The Gentleman’s Club was realising that I was entitled to my point of view,” Chris revealed.

Dain added, “The Gentleman’s Club is about…the power of being all of you whether you’re a man or a woman. When a man is honouring of his partner, then his partner, man or woman, gets to show up as they are. When a woman is honouring of her partner, her partner gets to show up as everything they are when they have this intimacy.”

What if being a man were a pleasure instead of a wrongness? And what if being a woman were a pleasure instead of a wrongness? If you’d like more, including the five elements of intimacy, go here to listen to this amazing conversation

The Gentleman’s Club is also a book and has a counterpart titled Salon des Femmes.

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