What is the Purpose of Life?

October 03, 2016

What is the purpose of life?

Most conversations about the purpose of life tend to get serious, significant and weighty. Except when the founder and creator of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer are having that conversation; they’re famously irreverent and have a very different point of view about life’s purpose.

Gary and Dain were in beautiful Costa Rica at the time of their weekly Voice America Radio Show, “What if the purpose of life was to have fun?”

What’s fun? For Dain, fun is walking in the rainforest, not being in judgment, swimming and riding his horse — fast!

“How much time do you spend not doing what’s fun because you believe you’ve got to do all the work to make everything work?” Dain queried. “Rather than recognizing that you choosing that time for you is a contribution.”

Choose some time to have fun every day. And if you’re having the worst day of your life, there are some wonderful Access Consciousness tools that are easy to use in situations like these.

First recognize that wallowing in upset and angst is not necessarily your best choice. Then ask yourself, how does it get any better than this? Ask it 10, 20, 30 times. As you keep asking that question you will start to feel better.

The next tool is to say, “Interesting point of view” each time it feels like your whole world is about to collapse. Saying, “Interesting point of view I have that point of view,” for every thought, feeling and emotion, changes the energy around any situation. Keep using that tool diligently and usually after a dozen times, things will get a lot lighter.

Thirdly, for any remnants of self-judgment, use the tool: ‘What’s right about me I’m not getting? What’s right about this I’m not getting?’

It can be really fun to be a drama queen and we’ve all been there at some time in our lives.

Gary recalled having an argument with his ex-wife one time and saying to his son, “Pack your bags we’re leaving!” His confused son replied, “But Dad, I don’t have any bags”. It blew the moment and Gary couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

Life can be easy, life can be fun. As Gary said, “Look for the joy that life is, not for the limitations and problems of it. When you’re willing to have the joy of what is possible, all things become possible; all things become greater. Choose what’s greater because that’s what you deserve.”

Gary & Dain host Conversations in Consciousness on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

For fascinating information on karmic debt and how to stop procrastinating, listen to the full episode here.

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