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Is the World Driving You Crazy?

September 26, 2016

Love them or hate them, right now there are a lot of politicians dominating the spotlight. We have politicians of many different persuasions, beliefs, insanities and attitudes — but a pragmatic politician? Now that’s an elusive beast.

“Where do we find pragmatic law makers instead of reactionary law makers?” was the question recently posed by founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas.

“The world cannot survive by people doing reactionism. Even the religious jihadists are doing reactionism not pragmatism. None of it is sane.”

The insanity of this reality dominated Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer’s monthly call, for the Creative Edge of Consciousness.

Listen to a clip from the call here!

Insanity has many faces: some are obvious and others are more subtle. Feeling a sense of impending doom when your life is going well is one kind of insanity. Addiction to creating conflict is insanity of another degree. And, politics of any persuasion is definitely the road to Insanity-ville!

For years we’ve looked to political leaders to create change in the world, only to be bitterly disappointed. As Dain pointed out so succinctly, “Politicians promise a different future but they’re in a system designed not to create change.”

We are the only source of sanity on this planet — provided we resist the temptation to get involved in the insanity of the moment.

“You are the source for something different,” Dain went on to say. “You are the people looking for something that’s truly different. You desire something called consciousness and awareness and you’ve been discounting that, denigrating that, denying that, avoiding that, refusing that, rather than recognizing you are that, and when you do, you look from a totally different perspective.”

So what to do, when the insanity of the world starts to take over?

Turn the tables and dominate it. And, call bullshit on bullshit, but do so from interesting point of view, not from resistance and reaction.

Thirdly, recognize how great your life is and stop pretending to have third-world problems when you live in the first world. Problems are not real for first worlders.

Basically there are two choices. You can have the lightness and choice of your reality, or you can have the insanity of no choice, and resistance and reaction and trauma and drama, and wrongness and rightness.

In other words, you can spend your life absorbed in politics, resisting and reacting to this issue or that. What if you took a larger perspective? Acknowledge you’re actually part of the change here. Now, what would you like to choose?

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