How to Have the Delight of Life

October 13, 2016

If you realized your greatest gift to the earth is your laughter — would you laugh more?

That’s you being delighted and when you’re a delight the world feels better. It’s sort of like being around little children when they’re laughing and happy and everything feels bubbly like champagne.

“What have you made so vital, valuable and real about never being a delight that keeps you functioning as though you’re only a blight on the world?” This was the question recently posed by Gary Douglas on Voice America’s Empowerment Chanel.

In the plant world, blight is a type of infectious disease that can spoil and harm crops, with potentially devastating results such as the Irish Potato Famine in 1845.

In our world, anger, upset and judgment are the equivalent of blight and have an equally devastating impact.

As Gary pointed out, “You’re only a blight on the world when you go into judgment of yourself or others. Don’t do judgment; do awareness. Awareness does not require you to be upset or angry.”

In truth, you can choose to be a delight at any age or stage of life. Years ago when Gary was working with horses, he noticed a 92-year-old man who used to come by three times a week and ride a young and spirited horse. Gary realized that was how he wanted to be when he got older.

“At my advanced age,” Gary said tongue in cheek, “I ride horses. I don’t believe in making my life miserable and I never have to go to the doctor because I’m always busy having too much fun.”

What if you chose the chaos of enjoying living till the moment you die?

“Death is a choice just as life and living, but you’ve got to choose to live if you live. I choose to live, I don’t choose to die. For me life is a banquet and most people are starving to death. Why are you starving to death?” Gary queried.

Everything is possible in the banquet of life — if you choose to instill chaos. Order and chaos are not what they seem to be. Order requires judgment. Chaos is the question that allows change to occur instantaneously.

In chaos things just show up and you’ve no idea how it got there. Intrigued? Go HERE to listen to this full episode on Voice America and for more on order and chaos and how to shine your light on the world so others see it.

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