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Mastering Videos for the Slightly Terrified

July 23, 2016

A Guest Blog by Right Voice for You

There are many ways to do a video.

You can get all professional with it.

Shoot it badly with your iPhone.
Get it edited.

Post it raw.

But in all of those versions, you are doing a video, which means that you or some part of you is in front of that little camera lens.

How do you get over not really wanting to be there?

I say “slightly terrified” because there is that particular sensation that occurs in our body when we’re choosing to say like:

— sing in front of people
— bungee jump
— walk across the Grand Canyon on a glass bridge
— do a video

Our palms sweat.

Our face flushes.

Our heart starts to race.

And we’ve been so clever and called that nerves, butterflies, terror.

But what if a sensation is only defined by the name that it’s given?

I mean, who called it that in the first place?

Let’s face it – no one’s ever said to someone, “I dunno, I’m really nervous,” in trying to describe what’s so awesome about the experience.

It’s always expressed as “something wrong”.

As if, you wouldn’t BE nervous if there wasn’t something wrong.

If there’s something wrong — if it’s fight or flight — then in the middle of choosing to be there on that stage or in front of that camera we are fighting not to run at exactly the same time.

Have you ever tried to walk forward while being pulled backwards?! No wonder our face contorts into knots then and we can’t speak!. That entire premise sets our entire body up for failure.

So, fine. How do we change this?

The truth is that it was someone somewhere back in time immemorial that called that energy that runs through our body before we’re about to leap into more of us – nervous. Terror.

However, there is a term physicist’s use to describe an energetic phenomenon they can’t describe called free energy.

It’s floating around, floods in when asked for, and contributes endlessly.

And so, here we are, standing in front of a camera.

We’ve asked our body to do this thing, stand in front of the “whole world” and express ourselves.

Free energy floods in, and instead of allowing the universe’s contribution of free energy to enliven our face and our body with what it requires to DO this thing, we shut ourselves down and write it off to nerves.

Here’s what to do instead:

  1. Stop it. Nervous energy and excitement actually register as exactly the same thing on that device that they measure that stuff with. There is no difference.
  2. Ask a question: is this fear or excitement? Now you may want to say, it’s fear!! Just because you’ve been trained that it is! But what if you allow your awareness to creep in for just a minute — which one of those answers is lighter for you?
  3. Know that whatever is light IS true for you. What’s heavy is a lie. So even though it might seem crazy that excitement is lighter, what if you let it be that? Is it possible that you’re more excited than you know about choosing to do this thing that you’re choosing to do?

It’s so strange.

As soon as you’re willing to acknowledge that you actually might be more than a little excited to be standing in front of that camera, your whole body gets lighter and even a little giddy sometimes.

(Don’t get too crazy with that giddy stuff. It might make an awesome video.)

So, yay!! You’re excited!!

I wonder what wants to show up now?

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