Choice – Making Decisions the Easy Way

July 21, 2016

If you’re ever caught on the horns of a dilemma — unsure which is the lesser of two evils — remember this.

“The lesser of two evils is always going to conclusion,” Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® said on the Voice America Empowerment Radio Show, Conversations in Consciousness.

Trying to do the “right” thing is a conclusion, which literally stops you from seeing other choices that could be available. Every conclusion creates a limitation you cannot overcome.

In their usual irreverent style, Gary and Dr. Dain Heer were recently discussing the US Presidential election and how many people are limited by the least worst of choices — or the lesser of two weevils as they call it!

For instance, a woman wondering whether to sell her house or not. A man wondering about a job that wasn’t in his preferred line of work.

“Do whatever you need to do to get wherever you want to go,” Dain, who is the co-creator of Access Consciousness encouraged. “Recognize that it may be long term, it may be short term. As long as you’re heading in the right direction nothing is a one-step thing. You’ve got a lot of steps to take as you’re living your life.”

Instead of wrestling with a choice it’s much easier to stop and ask a question like: If I choose this what will my life be like — not look like — in five years?

“Be with that awhile,” Dain suggested. “That allows you to start getting the sense of the energy of what will be created that’s beyond your ability to figure it out.”

Resist nothing and what ends up happening is you will move beyond fantasy and figuring out to become present with your choices and acknowledge what’s really true for you. The bad news is that a whole lot of other possibilities could show up!

Choosing the Lesser of Two Weevils is a fun and fascinating episode on Voice America’s Empowerment Channel. It reveals that many possibilities are available in life which most people don’t even notice.

On this episode Gary & Dain also provide an insight into what creates alcoholism and how to stop the cycle of destruction, the signs that tell you when entities are around and learn a dynamic tool for finding your voice. Listen to the full episode here.

Tune in every Thursday at 2pm Pacific for your weekly tune up and join the conversation with Gary & Dain.

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