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How To Create Your Dreams

July 23, 2016

For most of us there is something we wish to create that’s a gift to the world; something that says we made the earth a better place by being here. If that’s true for you then why not use all the elements that are available to create your dreams?

We’re all familiar with the four classical elements of life: air, water, earth and fire — but did you know the fifth element is consciousness?

On Voice America, the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas recently talked about the Fifth Element and how it could be used in conscious creation.

“True consciousness allows you to create anything if you’re willing to choose that. But it has to be something that’s valuable to you, not something that’s a necessity to you.”

Necessity precludes choice and inevitably leads to resentment, Dr. Dain Heer explained.

“One of the greatest difficulties is that when we think something is being forced upon us we resent it like crazy. Having that awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.”

When you recognize the fifth element is consciousness then you can start to question: What is it? What do I do with it? How do I use it?

Dain added, “What we’ve found is when you’re functioning from consciousness your life has more possibilities. It gets easier. It becomes part of the elements of creation that you allow into everything; things start changing and your life starts to become a gift.”

What if you added consciousness to spice up every area of your life? Your business, body, leisure — relationships with your children?

Dain is urging parents to empower kids, even if they’re still in utero. From the moment they are conceived what if you said: you’re beautiful, you’re a gift to this world, and you will make the world a greater place with your choices. I’m so grateful you’re here.”

Parents who honor their children being the way they are have started to report changes, he said.

From following your dream — at any age — to getting free of unexplained body pains and being true to you in relationship, Gary and Dain covered a whole range of topics on this episode. Listen to the full episode by clicking here!

Gary & Dain host Conversations in Consciousness on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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