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What’s the most valuable thing about you?

June 05, 2016

It’s a curious conundrum. Most people desire more money in their lives but often don’t use inherent talents — or uncanny abilities — that are actually worth a lot of money. Why? For most of us, the one thing we’re really good at is so easy that we assume anybody can do it!

What’s the most valuable thing about you? was the question being asked on Voice America’s weekly show Conversations in Consciousness by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.

Some people have a talent for talking, others have a talent for healing, and still others have a talent for taking care of people and facilitating greater possibilities for them. All of these attributes could be used to make money, but since they’re easy and fun we overlook them.

Years ago when Dr Heer was working as a network chiropractor, he was largely unaware of his capacity to transform people’s bodies using energies —until he first worked on Gary Douglas.

“I got up off the table and I knew I was going to live; he gave me my life back,” Gary recalled.

“That’s one of the things I notice Dain does with a lot of people. It’s one of the gifts he has but didn’t know he had until he chose to go there.”

What do you know how to do that nobody else knows how to do that you’re not using for you?

Your uncanny abilities have basically been lying dormant or else, as Dain pointed out, they have been invalidated because they’re not considered normal.

Dain said, “You have a capacity to function from beyond this reality but most people can only see from this reality. You’ve been invalidated a lot because other people can’t see what you can see —and can’t be what you be.”

When Gary Douglas was in the upholstery business, customers would often ask him to find a fabric that exactly matched their favourite rug. Eventually when he came across the fabric, months or even years later, Gary would totally recall the colour and get it for the customer. To Gary this was normal. No one told him he had a phenomenal talent that was actually worth a lot of money.

Would you like to go on a fascinating voyage of discovery and uncover the capacities you have that you’re not acknowledging? Here’s the link http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/92065/what-is-the-most-valuable-thing-about-you-that-would-make-you-more-money-than-you-have-ever-had-that

You’ve got to be willing to use your talents to make money so remember to ask: can I have the money now please?

Gary & Dain host a weekly show on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific that’s fun and full of expansive possibilities.

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