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Guru or Facilitator?

June 09, 2016

Access Consciousness is a modality that will ask you (over and over) “what do you know?”

In Access there are no teachers. There are no experts or gurus. Instead there are “facilitators.”

The word “facilitate” means to ‘render easy.’ That is, to restore or bring-back … with ease.

A facilitator knows that you have all the answers to you and your life, and also that you may not have easy access to them.

The sole job of a facilitator is to empower the person they are working with to know.

In a recent facilitator training Dain Heer described facilitating as a bit like “sonar pinging”. You ask a question and ping it into their universe. And it either opens something up and creates more awareness, lightness or space, or it doesn’t, in which case you simply ask another question.

We recently asked a dozen Certified Facilitators a handful of questions about being a Certified Facilitator.

What was common among all the answers was a sheer delight at “getting” to do this incredible “work.” It was a sense that there was nothing more deliciously and adventurously fun than than watching someone’s world unfold.

There was also a deep sense of the contribution that facilitating is to the facilitator. “When I’m facilitating I get to be all the tools I’m talking about. So my life can’t help but expand” one facilitator remarked.

To be a great facilitator you don’t have to know everything in all the Access manuals. You don’t have to remember all the clearings. All that is required is: to show up, to not come to conclusion, to be space, to be curious and to ask the questions and to then be in allowance of anything that shows up.

If you think facilitating is for other people, perhaps play with the question “what would it add to my life if I chose this?

Would it be fun to contribute to others creating more magical lives?? Would it make you money? Would you learn something?

There are 3 Certified Facilitator trainings a year in Italy, Costa Rica and Australia. You can find them here.

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators offer classes around the world. You can search for a facilitator near you by clicking here.



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