Supercharge Your Life with 5 Easy Tools

June 16, 2016

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic system with literally thousands of tools and questions to empower you to create a life that works for you. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There is no one telling you how you should live your life. Only you will know what works for you.

Would you like to take the leap and begin to know what you already know?

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. What exactly is consciousness and what does it look like day to day?

Here are some of the everyday situations that come up in life, and how you may respond differently after using the tools of Access Consciousness…

  • instead of stressing about not having enough money, you ask ‘what other revenue streams are available?
  • you are having one of the worst days ever and you ask ‘how does it get any better than this?’
  • you feel stuck with a problem that won’t change and you ask ‘what else is possible here I’ve never considered?’
  • your body is aching and hurting and you get rid of it by asking ‘who does this belong to?’
  • when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning you ask the question – ‘what grand and glorious adventures will I have today?’

Learn more about the power of questions and many more of these simple and effective tools by taking an Access Bars and/or Access Consciousness Foundation Class.

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