End Your Limited Reality With Money

June 25, 2016

Money in all its variations is a perennial topic on VoiceAmerica’s Conversations in Consciousness radio show: debt, spending, abuse, lack of, and so on — but fear and loathing? That’s not something you hear every day.

A caller into the show recently posed this question to Gary Douglas: is there anything I could change about money?

“Stop fearing and loathing money,” was Gary’s response. “The only reason you don’t have money is because you fear and loathe it — and need it.”

If you desire to invite money into your life, but dislike it intensely, how successful would you be?

Here’s a clearing from Gary designed to change blocks around money:

“What have you made so vital, valuable and real about the fear and loathing of money, and the absolute need to have it that keeps you from actually creating it?”

An infinite being would have a problem with money based on what?

The founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas didn’t come from money. He was raised in middle-middle class America and lived poor for most of his life. One day he acknowledged that living poor wasn’t much fun and consciously set out to learn how to have money.

“You have to make a commitment to yourself: I’m going to learn how to make money. No matter what it takes I’m going to learn how to have money,” Gary said.

Learning to have money could be the single most important thing you choose. You would also have no excuse for functioning from limitation, or staying within your comfort zone.

It’s so much easier to live in a limited reality and never take the next step into the unknown.

“Why is it easier to do a limited reality?” Gary queried. “Because it doesn’t require you to do anything greater… you don’t have to be the gift of you!”

Would you like to unlock the gift of you, learn a tool to release physical trauma at the cellular level, or satisfy your curiosity about the meaning of interactive dreams — all in the space of an hour?

Listen to this episode of Voice America in full and be prepared to be inspired!

Tune in every Thursday at 2pm Pacific as Gary and Dain explore multiple topics on Voice America that are highly relevant to daily living.

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