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Let’s Talk About … Miracles!

July 07, 2016

YOU may not be able to walk on water or stop the world, but you can still be the miracle you came here to be — if you choose it.

Miracles large and small were the topic of this week’s Voice America radio show hosted by guest presenters Dr. Andrew Gardella and Anne Maxwell, both certified Access Consciousness® facilitators and no strangers to miracles themselves.

Affectionately known as the “Kid Whisperer”, Anne is an international speaker, bestselling author, child and family therapist. Andrew is a chiropractor who has always looked at what else is possible with bodies, both with his own when competing as an athlete and when working with clients.

What exactly is a miracle? It doesn’t have to be some dramatic, beat-the-drum world event. We create miracles every day and never acknowledge them.

“We all have these areas in our lives where we’re phenomenal and do things that amaze other people, but to us it’s nothing,” Andrew pointed out.

He recalled how as an athlete, if something wasn’t working with his body or he became tired during training, he simply changed it.

“It was my world,” Andrew explained. “I didn’t realize that my world was different to everyone else’s.”

Where are you not being the miracle? Growing up, the need to be modest and self-deprecating is engrained in a lot of us and this can get in the way of acknowledging the miracles we create.

“The thing about being a miracle is not that you have to thump yourself on the chest,” Anne pointed out. “Just acknowledge it. Oh, yeah, I walked into the room and the baby stopped crying. It was me being. It’s that simple.”

Miracles don’t have to be significant. They can be like multi-purpose seasoning you add to your life.

“For everything in your life — you just add a little miracle to it!” Andrew advised tongue-in-cheek.

What if you could have fun with miracles, just like kids do?

For Anne & Andrew’s practical advice in dealing with bullies and how to stop hiding your miracles listen to the entire episode here.

Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer regularly host this show on Voice America every Thursday at 2pm Pacific.

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