Being You

Where do you need to Be? Hint: It’s not a place.

June 05, 2016

A lot of people look at where they need to be: the best city, the perfect house, the right relationship or job that will finally give them the freedom to be themselves. What if you don’t have to go anywhere? Then you could be you wherever you are!

What have you decided is the best way to be? Some people think that if they’re being they will have nothing to do — so they sit on the couch all day long. For others, the highest pinnacle of being is when their mind is quiet during meditation. Neither has anything to do with true being. In a hilarious episode of Conversations in Consciousness, founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr Dain Heer recently gave their unique view of the concept of being.

“My first wife’s point of view was if you’re being you have to do nothing,” Gary said.

“It was so interesting to realize, in all the research we’ve done, that being gives you the opportunity and the possibility of doing anything. If you’re truly being you will have multiple things you would like to do. You want to do everything!”

When you are being with your body, every moment becomes a choice. Whether it’s swimming, running, having sex, reading a book or watching TV, whatever you do from and as your being is infused with an energy of total presence. As Gary pointed out, when Dain goes running he has an amazing sense of presence, “Watching you do physical exercise, you’re totally being present, you’re totally being. I see most people trying to torture their body into a new form instead of being with their body. You have to be with your body, you have to be with everything.”

Be warned: choosing to be will lead to side-effects — happiness, gratitude and having nothing to complain about.

Gary said, “Being is when you have fun and laugh. The time you’re most likely to be is when you’re laughing.”

“People who truly have gratitude receive more than other people around them because that’s actually an energy that invites receiving and gifting from the universe and the people in it,” Dain added. “You have this gratitude, you receive more and the people around you who are not being grateful look at you and go, why does she get it and I don’t? Because you’re happy and grateful!”

Go here to listen to this laugh-out loud episode http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/92064/where-do-you-need-to-be-to-find-the-you-you-know-you-truly-be

Gary & Dain host a regular show on VoiceAmerica every Thursday at 2pm Pacific. Tune in for your weekly dose of happiness, miracles and all things connected to consciousness.

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