The One Thing That Can Change Anything In Your Life

March 19, 2016

Guest Blog Post by Michele Follis


Access Consciousness talks about it a lot. And what if that’s because choice is one of the most powerful tools available to each of us? What if it’s one of the fastest ways you can change your life? And what if for most of us, within the realm of choice are layers upon layers of unexplored magical possibilities waiting to be unleashed? Remember, an ocean of possibilities equals an ocean of choice!

Sound kind of exciting?!

Okay. So remember when you were growing up and and your mom or dad offered you, ‘the blue one or the red one.’ They said something like, “Now you can’t have both. And these are your choices…”

Your shoulders may have slumped a bit as you meekly asked, “But what about the orange one…?”

In that moment did you feel an ache of dissatisfaction…like you were SOOOO excited to see what was being offered and then disappointment set in. Is that because deep down you were aware you would like to choose something different?

Almost all of us have had many experiences like this sprinkled throughout our lives. How many times have we believed we have one choice? How many times have we believed we have two choices? And how often do we think we have no choice?

What if something much greater exists? What if there are actually infinite choices available?

What can I choose today that would be fun for me?


What can I choose today to create change right away?

…Are two questions that can lead to a more expansive way of being in the world and creating a life with more joy.

What’s cool about questions is they can be asked before hopping out of bed, while in the shower, on the drive to work….they can be asked anytime, anywhere. And I have a hunch, the more you ask these questions, the more aware you will become of the choices that are available to you!

One more thing. There is a challenge behind these questions if you’d like to use them to their full potential. When you ask, be sure not put a period at the end of the question. And don’t immediately run into your mind to look for an answer.

Instead just ask… and then notice throughout the day…what shows up.

Access Consciousness talks a lot about choice because every single time you choose ANYTHING, the gift of a new awareness is possible. How does it get better than that?!

Choice of Possibilities is a new class in Access! You can check out the upcoming classes and learn more by clicking HERE.



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Lucy Martinez

Mar 20, 2016

I have taken the Three classes and it has been a wonderful experience Im working to be on the web to facilitate it .Look for me on the List for Arizona.

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