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3 Ingredients For Success

March 16, 2016

So you desire to be a success? What if you’re already successful but just don’t know it?

In a highly illuminating Voice America Radio Show, Founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas delved deeply into success, what it means and when do you know you are actually succeeding.

Ironically, a majority of people calibrate success by looking at failure, Mr. Douglas pointed out.

“Do you spend your life looking at your successes or do you spend your life looking at your failures? Which one is more real to you?”

“You’ve got to get that if you look at where you’ve failed, so you won’t fail again, all you’ve done is set up the place where you will fail again.”

What is success to you?

Success has a different definition to different people. For some it could be having lots of money in the bank, being able to travel to far-flung places or becoming famous.

What have you defined as success? Is it writing a best-selling book? Have you made success a destination, or is it something far less tangible?

“What I desire to do is change reality,” Gary pointed out. “I had to realize that if I changed one person’s reality, or somebody changed, I was a success based on that.”

“You never know what you can do or say to create success in another way. So you’ve got to be willing to be that which creates (success) instead of that which creates a problem or has a problem.”

Three ingredients for success

You simply can’t fail when you’re grateful for everything — even when that choice costs you money. Recently, Gary said, millions were spent in his business on something that wouldn’t create the future he desires to have.

“Everybody says, don’t you hate them? No, I chose that and I’m happy,” he said. “I realize what everybody is capable of, and I’m not going to let anybody stop me like that ever again.”

The willingness to receive anything and be grateful for everything are two ingredients to creating all the success you desire.

Gary said, “People say: I like this, I don’t like this. Is that gratitude? No, that’s judgment and conclusion. When you have gratitude for everything that shows up, no matter how good, bad or ugly, your choice for your willingness to receive from anything and anyone increases dynamically. What would happen if you were willing to receive everything in your life dynamically?”

The third ingredient is…happiness. Not just when good things show up. Choose to be happy no matter what is going on in your life and your financial reality just might change!

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