Do You Feel Like You Should Be Happy, But Aren’t?

November 08, 2015

Do you lie awake at night thinking something is missing? Do you feel like you should be happy, but aren’t?

In the book, I Was Supposed to Be Happy, author Lisa Henriksson, openly shares her journey from a life where physical pain, stress and sadness were everyday companions, to a much more intimate, rewarding and exciting life and living.

This is a story about going beyond the expectations, opinions and points of view of right and wrong that we’ve made real and true in our lives, or spent years rejecting. This is a story about a journey to real choice, to finding what is true for you and to creating a life where the pressure is off and infinite possibilities are very real. Are you ready?

This is not an instruction manual. My wish is that this book will inspire you to ask yourself questions about WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU, what you really long for and what you could choose when you look beyond all of the expectations and the judgments that shape your choices today. My desire with this book and everything that I do and BE today is to create a different world – a conscious world where we are KIND, GRATEFUL, VULNERABLE and in ALLOWANCE of each other and ourselves. A world filled with more happy people. And I know it’s possible. – Lisa Henriksson

Check out the author interview with Lisa HERE!

Get a copy of Lisa’s book, I Was Supposed To Be Happy, HERE.



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babli kaur

Nov 11, 2015

truly inspiring!!

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Gunay Apak

Nov 12, 2015

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Feb 1, 2016

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Access Consciousness

Feb 6, 2016

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