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A Meditation Walk With the Earth

October 27, 2015

We would like to invite you to play and connect with the Earth together with people all from around the world.

We would love for you to play with this practice that doesn’t require any travel, preparation or investment: A Meditation Walk with the Earth.

In the video below, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, explains how to do this meditation walk.

With this walk, you’ll experience a level of communion with the Earth that nothing else can give you. Watch to hear how Gary Douglas describes how to take 1 hour to walk just 150 feet/50 meters.

You’ll get a totally different perspective of how everything on Earth works with you and for you.

Be more present than you’ve ever been before – totally present with every plant, animal and molecule on this beautiful planet of ours.

The Earth Walk expands your energy so you are in perception of everything where nothing is missed. You will begin to notice things that no one else sees, and begin to BE what nobody else can be.

Welcome to the world where everything becomes possible…if you choose it!

The Details

What is it?
A Meditation Walk with the Earth

What do I do?
Take 1 hour to walk 150 ft. (50 meters). Make sure you are at least 50 ft (15 meters) away from any other person. As you walk, expand your energy out and stay totally present with everything.

Where can I connect with others doing the walk?
You can invite others to walk with you. Just make sure you spread out so everyone has plenty of space. We also have a new Facebook Page “This is My Earth” that is filled with inspiring photos daily.

You can post your photos and comments there or use #thisismyearth on Facebook and in other social media.

What contribution can this day be to the earth? And to our connection with this incredible planet?What can we create with tens of thousands of people walking the earth with this presence?

Enjoy walking — and please let us know how it was.

P.S. Looking for more? Purchase Gary Douglas for a 5 Part Telecall on Nature – The Source of Being.



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