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How to Deal With Intensity of Energy

November 12, 2015

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Dr. Dain Heer

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Guest Post by Dr. Dain Heer

Do you ever have such an intensity of energy in your body and being that you feel like you’re going to explode? Do you find yourself wondering what to do with it? Or maybe even questioning if you’ve lost it entirely? Do you find yourself asking, “What am I doing wrong now that I’ve got this much energy? What am I doing wrong now that I can hear these people’s thoughts? What am I doing wrong that I feel this weird? What am I doing wrong that I don’t feel the same as I did yesterday?”

In this reality and in the spiritual community it is taught that it’s all about feeling the same from one day to the next. And you buy that point of view because you think that finally you will have your conclusion that will set you free. But actually, what you’ll have is your conclusion that will lock you in the box forever and then you will think you are free because you’ll totally fit in this reality.

We are also taught to prove that we’re finite which sticks us in every way possible. And what you do in that is you take yourself away from the infinite capacities you have and the infinite being you can actually be, in order to prove that you are small, that you are incapable, that you are unable to create change, that you are anything but potent… that you are finite.

So how much energy are you using to create you as finite and to prove you are finite?

Kind of funny, isn’t it? Cute, but not too bright. Here we are, these infinite, potent, magnificent beings with access to unlimited possibilities. Truly able to create anything we desire. Infinite energy. Infinite space. Infinite consciousness. And we trade in the KNOWING of this for the PRETENDING of being finite so that we can fit in, so that we can belong, so that we are not too far outside the bounds that this reality has created for us.

Is it any wonder, that as we begin to remember the truth of our infinite being, the truth of our infinite capacities, that energy rises up and intensifies and grows stronger? Is it any wonder, that we feel as if we might explode?

So what do we do with this intensity of energy?

When you are functioning from the space of trying to prove that you are finite, you do whatever you can to tone it down. For example, if you are around someone who is really sad and you are intensely joyful, because you don’t want to make them feel bad, you tone down your joy, you make it smaller, you diminish it. You might even make it go away completely. You step into the other person’s universe, feel their sadness, and take it on. That’s what we’re supposed to do in this reality, right?

If, however, you are functioning as an infinite being, all of a sudden you go: “Wow, that’s interesting. I wonder how I can use this to create more? I wonder how I can use this to be more? I wonder how I can use this to create more change? And be more fun? And have more possibilities?” You don’t shrink down. You don’t step into the universe of another. You stay the infinite energy, space and consciousness of you, with all of its intensity, no matter what anyone else is choosing.

The infinite energy, space and consciousness of you is truly the place where all possibilities exist.

Here are some tools that you can use to function more from the space of the infinite being you truly be rather than from the space of the finite being you’ve been taught to be.

  1. Expand out 100 to 300,000 miles in all directions. Do this at least once a day. Perhaps spend 3 minutes every morning before you start the rest of your day.If this unfamiliar to you, it’s very simple. Just by choosing to expand out, it happens. You are not confined to your body. You are much bigger than your body. So choosing to expand out is simply choosing to occupy more of the space of you. And as you are reading this explanation, you have already done it. You are infinite space.
  2. Have in your awareness this question: “Would an infinite being truly choose this?” about the choices you are making. If you find yourself choosing sadness because the people around you are sad, ask, “Would an infinite being truly choose this?” If you are in drama and trauma about something that is occurring in your life, ask, “Would an infinite being truly choose this?” What this question does, is it opens up the space of acknowledging the infiniteness of you.When you are in the midst of proving how finite you are and you ask this question, it’s a bit like a reality check upside the head. Oh yeah! I am infinite energy, space and consciousness!! Forgot that for a minute! An infinite being would choose to buy the limitedness of this reality for what reason?
  3. Ask: How much am I using this to prove that I am finite? And everything that brings up, destroy and uncreate it. Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all nines, shorts, boys and beyond.This will allow you to destroy and uncreate the things that are keeping you stuck in a finite reality the moment they come up.
  4. Pick a day and take at least 6 hours to do something that you would like to do. It doesn’t have to involve anybody else unless you would like it to. Do something that’s fun and nurturing for your body. Don’t put any parameters on your day other than: Is this fun for me?

I wonder what would be created on the planet if we stopped trying to prove that we are finite and actually embodied our infinite capacity. It would truly take us to infinity and beyond!

For more from Dr. Dain, check out his blog – The Awareness Revolution.



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Nov 14, 2015

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