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3 Tips To Silence Your Inner Critic

May 07, 2015

We come into this world wide-eyed and knowing that anything is possible. Then we try to figure out this reality and how to get things right. How has that worked for you? Are you ever allowed to be you when you are in a constant state of judgment?

“Are you ever allowed to be you when you are in a constant state of judgment?”

Would you be willing to look through the eyes of someone in your life who has no judgment of you – someone who is willing to see in you what you may not be willing to?

From a recent interview in Sydney, Australia on The Daily Edition –here are my top three tips to stop the cycle of self-criticism and judgment…and silence the inner critic! (click photo to watch)

Is now the time to be gentler and kinder to you? What if you, being you, is the gift, change and possibility this world requires?

Until next time my beautiful friends!


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