What is Right About This I am Not Getting?

February 03, 2015

When things seem to “go wrong” do you find yourself coming to conclusion that they are wrong? That might sound like an odd question. You come out to your car and your tire is flat. You get sick right before your vacation. The raise or new job opportunity or business doesn’t pan out the way you had hoped it would. Wouldn’t most people say these were bad events? Well, yes and no. One of the most helpful tools from Access Consciousness you can use when things appear to go wrong is to ask, ‘What’s right about this I’m not getting?’ By asking this question, you free yourself to let go of your interpretation of the event, and your expectations of how it should have turned out. This creates a space where you can become aware of other possibilities.

“Using the question What’s right about this I’m not getting? Allows you to become aware of the contribution that everything and everyone can be to your life.”

Let’s look at some of these examples. A woman was about to make a move cross country. She came out to her car expecting to spend the day running errands and found she had a flat tyre. Instead of getting frustrated or deciding that she had “bad luck”, she asked the question: What’s right about this I’m not getting? It turned out that her tires were very worn, and it would have been dangerous to attempt a cross country trip without replacing them. How much better for the flat to have occurred in her driveway with while the car was unpacked?!

Another woman had planned to go on a trip to England, but got so sick she had to cancel the trip. The first result of asking, What’s right about this I’m not getting?, was that she didn’t go down the rabbit hole of “Why does this have to happen to me?”. The question created a space where she could be aware of the contribution of the illness. She came to realize that she had been neglecting her body and pushing it way too hard. She also saw that she was increasingly using food, travel and anything new to divert her from herself and what was really going on for her at that time in her life. She did have a vacation, it just wasn’t the one she had planned! But the woman used the time to reconnect with her body and to make some changes that greatly enhanced her life.

Have you ever had a business fail? One man in Access talked about his experience with this. He had put most of his money and lots of time and energy into a business he was sure would succeed. It didn’t. By asking the question: What’s right about this I’m not getting, He was able to change his perspective on the whole thing. Not only did he see clearly what some of his decisions had created, and where he had failed to ask questions, he also became aware that he had created the business for all of the wrong reasons. Rather than creating something that was fun and expansive for him, he had planned to use his business “success” to prove something to his father and ex wife. These awarenesses created the space for him to change how he approached everything, and he became much happier and more creative in the process.

Using the question What’s right about this I’m not getting? Allows you to become aware of the contribution that everything and everyone can be to your life. If we get out of deciding that something is bad, terrible, and wrong, and are willing to look at it from a very different perspective, a whole world of new possibilities can open up. What’s right about YOU you’re not getting?

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