Access Bars: Peace and Calm

January 29, 2015

There’s an Access Consciousness Bar called peace and calm. In general it’s run with two other Bars, kindness and gratitude. While both kindness and gratitude are often talked and written about, generally because Access uses the terms in very different ways from how this reality uses them, peace and calm don’t seem to get much attention. So what do peace and calm mean to you? Does it bring up images of someone meditating in a cave, or perhaps a calm sea or even the opposite of war? If peace and calm were to show up in your life, what would that look like?

“what do peace and calm mean to you?”

Many people have the idea that peace and calm can only show up when everyone is happy and is aligning and agreeing with one another. It’s also seen as something that needs to be worked for like “world peace”. For many individuals, peace and calm are often experienced as fleeting feelings that they cannot hope to hold onto because the world is so frenetic.

Both peace and calm are generally associated with the idea that it’s what’s going on outside of ourselves that determines what we can have and be on the inside. Unfortunately this makes us the effect of circumstances rather than master of ourselves. It’s what’s behind “you made me feel this way”, and similar phrases that put the responsibility on others.

What if there is truly a different possibility? What if you could have peace and calm as a choice no matter what was going on around you or in anywhere in the world? What if you could be around people who were going into trauma/drama and still maintain a sense of peace and calm?

“What if you could have peace and calm as a choice no matter what was going on around you…?”

Most of us are not shown or taught that peace and calm can be a choice for anyone in any given moment. In fact many people are accused, especially as children, of “disturbing” or “upsetting” others or situations. Were you blamed for upsetting the peace? For disturbing your mother or father or sister or bother? Did anyone ever tell you that all of those family members could have chosen peace and clam in any given moment? Peace and calm are not a commodity that you can disturb. They are both a choice that anyone can make or choose not to make. Those who do not make the choice tend to blame others for their “feelings”.

In the same vein, “peace” is not something to “fight for”. This reality defines peace as something external that you have to go to war about or have lots of conferences about. There’s a sense that it can be legislated and forced into existence. How well has that worked throughout history? This is “peace” as an Access Consciousness distractor implant. A distractor implant an idea or an emotion that is designed to distract us from awareness and what’s really going on. As long as people are fighting for peace on the outside, they can never have it within them. Fighting for peace involves so much judgment that it just creates more resistance to true peace.

“As long as people are fighting for peace on the outside, they can never have it within”

Some people have asked why “peace” and “calm” are grouped together as an Access Consciousness Bar, and/or what the difference is between them. Calmness is available when you are willing to not allow what’s going on outside have an effect on you. It’s a willingness to not allow anything to disturb you. It’s not about putting barriers up, but rather having all of our barriers down with total interesting point of view about everything and everyone. The moment we make something significant, we forfeit the possibility of calmness. Being calm is a choice. Being at peace or having a sense of peace is also a choice. We choose peace when we don’t require ourselves or anyone else or circumstances to be other than what they are. The moment you go into judgment, you can no longer have access to peace. True peace is total allowance for everyone’s choices, including our own. One of the great things about choosing peace and calm, is that it allows you to be aware of what’s actually going on without any filters of judgment. From that vantage point you can make much clearer and informed choices. (Have you noticed that choices made from a high emotional and reactive state rarely work out?)

Choosing peace and calm does not mean you become zombie like or that you allow others to mistreat you. Choosing peace and calm allows you to be present in a way that you may never have been, and if someone is being a jerk to you, you will know how to handle it without going into resistance and reaction. Choosing peace and calm is also not about being passive. For example, if you are on an airplane and there is a baby screaming, you don’t have to “just put up with it”. From a space of peace and calm you can do some clearings and most babies will stop crying fairly quickly. You will be amazed at how much more power and potency is available to you when you function from this space. It’s really all about an energy you can choose to be that will create much more ease in your life. Is it time for you to choose peace and calm?

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Jan 29, 2015

wonderful thank you very much

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Jennifer Randive

Feb 13, 2015

Thank you

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Feb 14, 2015

I finally got that peace and calm is a choice. What would my life look like if I chose the space of peace and calm??

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