Letting Go of Your Knickers…. Pragmatic Psychology in Action!

February 03, 2015

Have you ever taken a psychology class or read one of those books where a dead guy tells you about how the world functions? Did you get frustrated, bored and had the sudden urge to raise your middle finger, while everybody around you nodded as if they understood it all and found this the most interesting theory ever while you wondered what you seemed to be missing? You probably missed to acknowledge your awareness about the conclusions being made in what you read and that you know that you know!

How much is that exactly how you have been living your life, trying to make sense of a world that just does not make sense to you? Trying your very best to make conclusions about how things function and why they are the way they are? Trying to make those conclusions real and wondering why you are always the one not getting it, and then concluding that you are wrong?

“Psychology used to be the study of knowing, and what happened is that we went from the study of knowing to the study of behaviour. Pragmatic Psychology is about using the study of knowing as a way of creating something that is greater than we can do by trying to control behavior.” – Gary M. Douglas

It’s very interesting to me that psychology has become the study of understanding and explaining why things are the way they are; it has become the study of fitting in and being normal.

What if right now you could get over ever understanding anything thing about this world and start making this world work for you? What would it be like to start using your awareness to get everything you truly desire? That involves the willingness to create something greater than controlling behaviour: both yours and that of others! Imagine your relationships not being about controlling you or the other person? What a joy! Would you be willing to choose that?

“In the beginning of the Access Consciousness Foundation manual it says that Access Consciousness is a pragmatic system for functioning outside a world that does not function for you.”

How much have you tried to make something that does not work for you, work for you? Its like mending a hole in your knickers when the hole is almost as big as the knickers, and you go, “I can make it work, I will show you, even if it costs me my last breath” You think that is a weird example, yes it is, and how much are you making exactly that your life´s mission? “I will make my relationship work, even if it costs me my last breath” or “I will make it so that my parents will love me and see me for who I am….” Have you ever undertaken any of those missions impossible?

“Psychology teaches us the value of dealing with hardship and struggle…But what if letting go of what does not work is… pragmatic”

Psychology teaches us the value of dealing with hardship and struggle and that this makes you a real human being. It teaches us the value in dealing with difficulties, rather than just changing them, like getting new knickers! That would be judged as emotional deficiency – you need to hold on to everything… even your old knickers. But what if letting go of what does not work, is the willingness to be pragmatic, which means doing what works for you?

When something does not work for you and you cannot fix it, you have the choice to change and move on, rather than using lots of energy talking about it, categorizing your feelings and emotions about it and thinking it over and over. Acknowledge that it does not work and move on! Notice the freedom in that? How much time and energy would you have for new creations? Is it time to be pragmatic? Is it time to acknowledge what you desire and also what you know about inviting all of that to show up?

What if ease became the new black?

Welcome to making this world work for you!

by Susanna Mittermaier

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