What Does Having a “Right Body for You” Really Mean?

February 26, 2015

Ten years ago, I hated bodies. Actually, I hated my body. Having the “right body” for me seemed impossible when so much of how saw my body and how I created my body was from the space of judgment and that it was wrong. Now, I chuckle to myself as I realize that not only do I love my body, but I now I travel the world facilitating people and inspiring people to know what they know about their body, about bodies and about the joy that is possible with your body.

Now I know so much of the pain, weight and unhappiness I had prior to using the tools from Access Consciousness & Right Body for You, was that my body was talking to me, telling me things and I wasn’t listening. Once I started listening, and stopped judging … everything changed.

Having the Right Body for You is about inviting you to the joy, the contribution and the gift that your body can be right now in this moment no matter what size, shape or health level it is.

It’s about getting out of judgment of your body and getting out of judgment of YOU! And then, from that space of simultaneous gratitude and contribution your body can truly change with total ease.

For nearly 10 years, the Right Body for You classes have been facilitating people in acknowledging their bodies, enjoying their bodies and creating more in their life. For some, it’s the first time that they acknowledge that they have a body. I know that sounds strange but it’s true.

Acknowledging that you have a body is more than feeding it, clothing it and exercising it. It’s about communication WITH your body, the consciousness of your body and not telling your body what to do and how to try to be. It’s about having ease with all things.

The Right Body classes are about your body and your life. You are your body are in a symbiotic relationship so that when you stop judging your body your life changes and when you stop judging you and your life, your body changes.

Have you acknowledged the brilliance in your creation that we call a body? Are you working with your body or forcing your body to submit to your will? Are you looking at you and your body through gratitude or judgment? Ease with your body is possible, will you choose it?

For the first time in 10 years, Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, will be joining me in facilitating the first ever Advanced Right Body For You Class. We are all stepping up … and so are the bodies. What does your body know? What does your body wish to contribute to your life? Will you listen?

Will you join us for this body changing, world changing class?

The Right Body for You – what if it’s closer than you think?

Donnielle Carter, Author & Facilitator of Right Body for You Worldwise Body Class Coordinator

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