50 Ways to Lose Your Mind (To Leave Your Lover)

February 26, 2015

The number 50 has become quite sexy recently… All from Simon and Garfunkel´s “50 Ways to Leave your Lover” to 2015´s “50 Shades of Grey”, book and movie. Now ladies and gentlemen I am introducing you to the new black: “Losing your mind”! You might wonder about the sexy part of this… well let me show you! Are you ready?

Don’t worry I am not going to torture you with an article of 50 points about your mind, although some minds might appreciate an article thoroughly written with details and with footnotes and it might even turn them on. Those I would call the mental masturbators, the people who get a kick out of using their minds excessively. But, hey, honestly, don’t we all have those moments where it seems so cozy and safe to be in our brains and shut out the world to the degree where we do not have to receive more than we can control? Don´t you like the control your mind gives you? You are the dominator of the world… at least the one in your head? Would you admit, at least to yourself, that this gives you a kick? Its like having Mr. Grey and Miss Steel all in your brain, every day and every moment!

Minds are great lovers! No wonder most people have their primary love affairs with their minds! The mind does not challenge you with new information, the good old and known information is at hand at all times and any new comers are strip searched upon entry. Doesn’t it sound perfect? Happy end?

The question is, does this monogamous relationship with your mind truly work for you? Is it enough for you? Or would you like to add more to your life?

We have all heard how it works with true love, haven´t we? You have to be willing to set it free! Is now the time to lose your mind?

First we let go of the zero behind the 5 before we move on and ladies and gentlemen… drumrolls… here are 5 ways to lose mind!

Number one! Do not lose your mind!

Have you ever had a day, where your mind was going on overload and you tried to stop thinking? Did that work? There is no ‘off’ button for your brain… well actually there is but that would be further south, lets talk about that later.

If you try to not think, how is that working? Do you actually think more? Yes! Every time you resist something, you get more of it! Its like resisting being like your mother, guess what you are creating yourself as? Do not resist your thoughts, receive them! Let them be there! Ask! What contribution can my thoughts be to me? What information are they giving me? What awareness am I having? And if you have one of those days where you try to understand everything and lose yourself in the labyrinth of your brain, go for it…indulge in it… create more of it.. and watch what shows up!

Number two! The off button for your brain on your southern hemisphere

Here is the part where we bring the sexy back.. I promised you! Being a brain on legs, makes you forget that you have a body. Well look down and remind yourself of your body and say “Hi sweet body!” Now put your hands on your body and ask your hands to deliver the energy that your body requires. Allow your body to receive that. Now gently move your hands from your legs up your body and then when you reached your head go down again, gently and slowly. Welcome to losing your mind! Connecting with your body and enjoying the sexualness you be, which is the caring, nurturing, orgasmic, playful, joyful energy you are, is where your whole body becomes your lover rather than just your brain.

And by the way, have you ever had an orgasm that made you forget that you even had a brain? If not, pull in the energy of that orgasm, even its some life times ago and ask the universe to show you and your body what that is like. And don’t expect it to look a certain way! We are not in the Harry met Sally movie! You might be surprised that the energy of orgasm is totally different than the loud version we see in movies! (Although loud can be fun too!)

Number three! Out of control… Jump!

Now that you are including your body, the adventure begins! When you ask for your life to expand, lets say more money, greater business, more friends, a partner, then there is a level of “out of control” you have to be willing to allow. Having more and greater in life does not come from controlling what is. It comes from allowing what has not been and what can be. This part might be a bit uncomfortable as most people are so used to controlling what is. What have you decided control gives you? Safety? Predictability? Is that truly what turns you on to living? Is that your reality or somebody else´s version thereof? What if things in your life became so great that you have more money than you can control? Would you be willing to allow that? See! This is where the mind kicks in! Challenge yourself everyday with pushing your limits further out! What can I allow today that expands my life right away? When the discomfort kicks in… allow it! Discomfort is just the foreplay to greater possibilities!

Number four! Blow your circuits with the fun that drives you crazy!

A great way to lose your mind, is to have more fun than this reality calls sane. Fun in this reality is normal to a certain degree. When you exceed that, you might be labeled as crazy, not so bright, suppressing your true feelings or accused of taking drugs. Are you willing to have more fun and be happier than others can receive? You do have the choice to go crazy in this world and make yourself the effect of the blame, shame, regret and guilt, anger and all the other things that distract you from your capacities. Or! You can see this reality as the comedy of the absurd that it is and start to use it to have more fun with it than you have ever allowed yourself to have! Most people love to be grumpy and unhappy and adore the drama in their lives. Do you have to make that real? Or do you have a different choice? When somebody judges you, do you have to contract according to that judgment or can you just let that person have that judgment of you, receive it and go, “Oh how cute, what a great job they are doing of being that judgmental!” Who or what could you employ to fuel the joy of your reality?

Number five! What is your favorite way of losing your mind?

Now that you got inspired by ways of losing your mind, I would love to hear from you! How about if you answer this blog and give us Your number 1 tip for losing your mind!

Go have fun!

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