Changing Your Relationship With Money

February 16, 2015

Do you love and adore money for the pure joy and pleasure of it? Or is your relationship more ‘ho-hum, whatever’ or ‘aaaaarrrrgh money’? One of the simplest ways to change your money flows is to change your relationship with money. A relationship is the distance between two objects. If there was no distance between you and money, you could have SO much more ease with money. You would be money, money would be you. No separation! And you wouldn’t have to be always seeking it like a dog on heat! You know what I mean?

What could be different if you stopped resisting and reacting to money (or the lack of it) and you stopped aligning and agreeing with everywhere you think you have your money situation ‘right’? Would you have a different possibility to play with? We love to think money doesn’t like us. No! Money has no point of view about us. It is all of OUR points of view about money that stop our money flows from flowing!

What are you resisting and reacting to in your money situation? Is it ‘someone else’s fault’? Or are you embarrassed by the situation you have created? Or is there simply ‘never enough’? Or is making money ‘too hard’? A few years ago I lost pretty much all of my money through a relationship break-up. It wasn’t pretty and for a long time I made myself wrong, wrong and more wrong for those choices. Nothing changed in my money flows until I stopped making myself wrong!! Apparently I like making myself suffer 😉 !! How does it get better than that?

What if the first thing that could change your money flows is to stop judging you? And to stop judging anyone else involved. Judgement holds the limitations in place. Gratitude expands what is possible and creates miracles. Which would be the most fun to choose?

Or maybe you have decided you have it ‘right’ and you have put yourself on a ‘rinse and repeat’ cycle that is boring you to death. If you are aligning and agreeing with everything that is wonderful about your money situation, maybe you’re missing an adventure in creation!! Have you ever wondered how much better than this it can get? Even when we begin to receive ‘just enough’ money, we often start deciding we have it all right! Is that our brightest move? Not exactly. Weirdly enough, it’s another, more hidden, way of stopping the flow!!

Now… just for a moment, put all of your points of view about money aside. Lower all of your barriers and ask to go to the space of adoring money. Not for any reason, just because you can. Does your world expand or contract? Do you become more willing to receive the contribution money would love to be to you? Do you have a different sense of possibility with money?

Take this energy of adoring money into your day. Every time you think about money in any kind of way, just say ‘Everything that is and everything that is creating that, I uncreate and destroy it all…’ and use the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement® to remove the limitations you have been living from.

Every moment is a choice… to expand your capacity to receive money, or to contract it. What are you going to choose? Money doesn’t choose you. You choose money… What if you are way more potent in this creating money game than you’ve ever acknowledged?

And if you’ve ever wondered what ‘being money’ is… this is the start. Adoring money with every molecule of your body and being. What are the infinite possibilities?


by Lisa Murray, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and founder of Creativity Lab.

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