What Is The Purpose Of Money?

February 09, 2015

What have you decided money is? Is it the root of all evil here to tempt us and lead us astray from all that is spiritually good and righteous? Is it something you’ve decided that you will never have enough of? Do you ever use money to prove something to yourself or others? Your success? Your failure? Have others used money as a way to put you down or manipulate you? Do you see money as a key to your survival? A chance to do good or show how compassionate you are?

Money probably has more projected onto it than any other thing in the world! Most of us give it some meaning that we’ve adopted either as part of a religious or cultural belief system, or as something we entrained to from our families. Money gets associated with poverty, with wealth, with success and failure. Many of us get caught up in things like budgets, judgments about ourselves and money, as well as when and where and how to spend it.

What if it was much more simple than that? What if the purpose of money was to change people’s realities? What if it was something you could use to create more consciousness in the world? Gary Douglas tells the story of a waitress who was obviously having a hard time with her new job. She would bring out one cup of coffee, than have to go back for the spoon, bring out one donut and have to go back for the other. When the bill came, Gary left her a very large tip. She thought he had forgotten his change. Gary responded with: “I just wanted you to know that everything is going to be alright”. The woman burst into tears, and talked about how she was having to start all over again at an advanced age. Gary’s tip created such a change in her universe that she could move forward with greater confidence. It seems like such a small thing, a tip, but that is one of the myths about money that many of us function from. We believe that it takes large amounts of many to change anything. Actually, a well placed gift or tip or un-sought after assistance can create huge changes in someone’s universe. It’s not about being a big spender, or deciding that you’re going to be a big tipper from now on. It’s really about looking into someone’s universe and seeing what a gift of money might change. This is not to say that large amounts of money aren’t helpful too!!! They can create schools, and radio shows, and retreat centers that support consciousness and facilitate the empowerment of others. It’s also not to say that money shouldn’t be enjoyed! Having lots of money isn’t a crime, in fact it can be used to inspire others. Simone Milasas talks about a time when she was going first class on an airplane and found herself shrinking down so at first so as “not to make her Access friends in economy feel bad”. Then she realized: “Wait a minute, what if being in first class can be an inspiration to others?” “I’ll have what she’s having! Now what will that take?” How much more do we create when we invite others to more rather than going to the lowest common denominator?

How much fun could it be to change other people’s realities with money? What if a few well placed dollars could create a whole new view of the universe and what’s possible for them? What kinds of miracles might you create?

If you would like to explore the topic of money further, listen to the Voice America “Where is my Prince?” show here.

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