Being You

The Gift of YOU!

March 24, 2014

Do you recognize the gift of you? Truly? Do you know the contribution that you be? How much of you have you been hiding away? How much of you have you kept under wraps?

For many of us, early in life we decided that we are too much… too much joy, too much energy, too much creativity, too much possibility, too much of everything and we do all that we can to shrink ourselves down to a size that is acceptable in this reality. The size that fits nicely in a box; the size that doesn’t make people too uncomfortable.

After hiding long enough, we forget who we really are and that there are other choices available.

Would you be willing to let yourself go free? Would you be willing to unwrap the present called you? Would like to have and be all that you truly be?

To begin to get a sense of who you are, I invite you to do a little exercise created by founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas. Close your eyes for a moment. Now find the outside edges of you. Not the outside edges of your body, but the outside edges of you. Keep going. Keep going. Do you get that you are everywhere? You are an infinite being. No limits. No box.

Living in the reality, often we become so familiar with the limitations and confinement that we begin to identify with it so much and we forget that we are infinite. We forget who we are. We begin to see ourselves as finite and function as if we are small, we are weak and we are at the effect of the people and situations around us.

Are you ready to stop believing that lie? Are you ready to recognize that you are indeed infinite? You are boundless, unlimited, never-ending, interminable space!

Is now the time to be everything that you truly be? Is now the time to choose to no longer believe the lies of limitation that have been imposed and perpetrated on you? Are you ready to reclaim the space, the joy, the energy, the consciousness, the creativity, the possibility… the infiniteness that you truly be? What would it take for you to unwrap the gift of you?

In the words of author Marianne Williamson, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”

So brilliant and potent infinite beings, are you ready to shine?



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Mar 29, 2014

What if they are not their points of view? What if I am not my point of view? What if I can have no point of view? What else is possible? What is the lie of no choice ? What would life be like if we were all in allowance of each other’s choices? All of life comes to me in ease joy and glory.whopee!

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