Ease with Bodies – Beyond Food & Exercise – Part 2

March 05, 2014

By Max Zoulek

If you would like more ease with your body, there is one simple element that will make that a whole lot easier for you!

Being kind to yourself.

So, what is being kind to you and your body?

Do you ever judge yourself or your body? Do you make yourself wrong? Do you make yourself right? Do you decide in advance what and when you should eat, how you should exercise or what you should wear? All of these are an unkindness.

Imagine this… if you had no judgment of yourself or your body, you would very likely be running around naked, having fun in nature and playing with other bodies. (Well, this would be your body’s preference anyway!)

You see, bodies are like small puppy dogs… they have no fixed points of view and they would really just like to run around and have fun. Even if they have been yelled at, kicked and abused they will come back with their tails wagging looking to play!

How much have you kicked and abused your body? Or at least forced a whole lot of things on your body that it didn’t really want… with food and exercise only as a start! What about hugging people that your body doesn’t want to hug? Or having sex with people that your body doesn’t wanted to have sex with?!

So when it comes to food, exercise, sex and everything else to do with your body, would you be willing to ask your body what it would like?

So, questions like “Body are you hungry?” What would you like to eat? And have you had enough to eat?” might be a good way to start a conversation. You may not get a clear answer at first but I guarantee that this will start to create more awareness of what your body desires.

“Hey body, how would you like to move? Slowly? Fast? Erratically? Sensually? What would make you feel cared for, nurtured and vital? Would you like to stretch, lift weights, run, do yoga or something else?” What if your body would like to receive a particular energy, some touch or even some body work?

Yes, that’s a lot of questions! And you can ask them often because small puppies don’t hold on to their choices for very long! True kindness for your body is including it in your life and getting to know what works for it.

There are so many things and there are so few things that your body desires or requires. If that doesn’t make sense, that’s a good thing because you will then have to ask your body a question to discover what it might like! You have all choices available to you and your body’s primary desire is to have fun.

So what would you like to choose? What is your body capable of contributing to you and your life if you allowed it?

It is only a choice away…

Max Zoulek is an Access Consciousness certified facilitator, CFMW & Not Doctor. To contact Max or find out about his upcoming classes please visit www.MaxZoulek.AccessConsciousness.com



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Sangeeta Janardhan

May 24, 2014

Absolutely wonderful!!!! Its a different world when you love your body it and allow it to be in ease, and joy.

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Shawna Peters

Jul 5, 2014

I have been asking my body questions. And last night I took time to listen to my heart beat. And today I have been asking myself what and when it would like to eat.
So hopefully as I ask these questions I will become more in tune with my body.
I have been practicing just asking, seeing if I feel lighter or heavier, and waiting to see what my body feels.
Thank you so much.

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