Ease with Bodies – Beyond Food & Exercise – Part 1

March 04, 2014

By Max Zoulek

The creation of a healthy body from this reality’s perspective is all about what you eat, how much you exercise and what you think. If you have a problem with your body or a disease, then you are either told to change something in one of these areas or take drugs to cover the resulting symptoms.

What if there was actually much more involved in the creation of your health? Not more difficulty or hard work, but more ease and possibilities?

What if your awareness was the source for the creation of your healthy body?

Something we were never taught during our childhood is that we all have an innate level of awareness. We were also never taught that a large portion of this awareness is communicated to us by our bodies!

So, what actually is awareness?

Awareness is the momentary perceiving of energy. In every moment we perceive the movement of energy from all around us… the people, nature and the earth. We are not separate from anything or anyone, we are totally aware of what each person is choosing to create with the energy that is available to them.

Every feeling, emotion and sensation that you have is information that your body is gifting to you. My question is, would you like the feather-touch version or the sledge-hammer version?

Is it really pain that you feel in your body? Or is it a feather-touch of awareness that has turned into a sledgehammer of awareness? Is your body communicating to you more intensely now to get your attention? Is your disease a problem or just something that your body is trying to tell you?

Most people will do everything they can to avoid the awareness their body is giving them. Why? Because they don’t really want to be aware of what their body is telling them. Maybe it’s unfamiliar, uncomfortable or even painful. In any case, there is a resistance to awareness, a resistance to change and a resistance to something different.

Does simply choosing to give up that resistance and become more aware just sound too simple? Do you require a complicated and lengthy reason to make your life better and to have more? …a more healthy body, ease, freedom or even money?

Think about all the times where a simple choice could have changed something for you. In every situation you could have either gone into automatic pilot – descending into the rabbit hole of wrongness, blame or lack – or you could have made a different choice that allowed you to step into the possibilities, the infinite choices available and the greatness you be in the world. What if you started making the latter choice vital to you? That no matter what the situation, circumstance or person involved, you trust what you know and are willing to take action according to what brings you vitality?

Would choosing what is vital to you change anything with your body and health? And if if you truly trusted you, would this change your choices around food and exercise? And I’m not talking about making ‘healthy’ choices or exercising more. I’m talking about making things beyond that vital to you. Such as kindness for you and your body.

Check out part 2 of this article for more questions and tools to find out what kindness really is for you.

Have fun with your body!

Max Zoulek is an Access Consciousness certified facilitator, CFMW & Not Doctor. To contact Max or find out about his upcoming classes please visit www.MaxZoulek.AccessConsciousness.com



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