Creating from “Disability”

March 03, 2014

By Delany Delaney

‘Glen’s Touch’ is a piece that I assisted the man who taught me Facilitated Communication to write. Some would describe it as Creating from “Disability”. I have recently begun working with him and it’s so much fun! Glen has a high level of autism and Down’s syndrome. With minimal barriers between us each session expands his awareness and my own.

After we created this piece (which is his work) he said it’s very exciting for him as he is now beginning to conceptualize how he operates…the space he be…

So what else is possible?

Glen’s Touch

Touch me gently like a soft breeze

Like a breathe of promise of spring of summer of winter, fall

and never leave or go by the wayside

and forever that kiss of air will be heard through the universe

I thought I could not feel or be touched when I floated in the mist

And then as it cleared

I could see a future

a space of brightness and lightness that could be full of wonder

I know I’ve heard you say these things

I know I’ve heard you call into the endless abyss of the universe

and yet you still only see just a speck of what is truly possible

I know that touch comes in many forms

a hand held

a shoulder lent on

a back supported

feet on the ground

feet on the earth

From the outside in and also from the inside out

I would have never known the joy of touch

without the angels without the clowns

without the people who have touched me in ways that……

words flounder

I am more than I am in body

I am more than just my soul

I am a whole universe

this reality is only one dimension

I’m travelling and touching across dimensions

Forward backwards inside out

Dark, Light

I’m more than existing

I’m part of the thrum

Creating from “Disability”Delany Delaney is a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator and a Facilitator of Right Voice for You. You can find out more about Delany and her upcoming classes.

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Liza Gordon

Mar 15, 2014

Hi Delany! I am a friend of the amazing Lisa Murray. I am currently living in the UK, but I saw a newsletter advertising a telecall series for creating from a ‘disability’.

I have friends (in Qld) with an autistic son and I have a strong feeling they would benefit from the class, or perhaps working directly with you. Do you have a flyer or something you can send me that I can pass on to them?

Cheers, Liz

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