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Being Present

April 10, 2014

By Simone Padur

I was invited to work with these two phenomenal women – Diva Diaz and Anne Maxwell. Diva does classes on X: Men and uses the Access Consciousness Tools to create a different possibility with ADD, ADHD, Autism and OCD. Anne Maxwell who works with parents and kids using the Access Consciousness Tools to facilitate more ease with being them.

I was brought in as the person who works with kids and education and Access tools. At first I was like “Wow I’m so honored and excited” and then I went into “Oh my God don’t know how to talk about what I do. I don’t cognitively remember how I use the Access tools in my classroom, how the heck am I going to talk to people about this!!?” Notice I asked a question…even in my trauma and drama.

Then with a flash I remembered a situation I had just recently. I have this kid who doesn’t think she’s bright who goes into a panic and overwhelm when she is faced with working on a project. I had worked on many different approaches, which didn’t work; it’s a good thing I’m cute. Then I asked a question: What does this kid require of me?

It was then I remembered what I had required as a kid was information in bite size pieces, to have the project outlined in steps and exactly what was expected of me, and a deadline of when I had to be finished. This worked with her to a certain degree. But she still panicked and become totally inconsolable. It wasn’t until she had a college application project, and really I could not help with any of the content, that something miraculous occurred. All I could do is just be present and let her work through it.

I could see her getting worked up and it was then I remembered my dear friend Blossom saying that she learned that when she really let herself go and have a tantrum and really enjoy it that allowed her to relax and whatever was going on wasn’t’ a big deal anymore.

So I said to my student: “If it helps have a tantrum, stamp your feet, throw yourself on the table, yell, I don’t mind. In fact, what if you could really enjoy it?” I could see this kid who is usually tightly controlled and is nice and kind to everyone, ponder this. This is exactly what she did and this time I didn’t try to calm her down I just let her have a fit and do what she needed to do to get on with it. I just allowed her to be what ever she needed to be to get herself through it. I did the same for her next project. It was amazing to watch her rail and thrash her way through whatever limitations she or others had placed on her. All the while I was present with her through all of it. Not only did she thoroughly impress the college she sailed through her project showing such insight and sensitivity that I was truly amazed by the bright and shinning light she truly is.

As I write this I remember several more instances through out my career where just by being intensely present it allowed my students to know someone had their back giving them to courage to go be them and step into the greatness they truly are. So I say to you my friend who is reading this what if just by being you without any point of view what greatness could you facilitate? Where have you already done this that you haven’t acknowledged?

What if just by being you you could change the world?



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Apr 13, 2014

Hi really like your site , I love the message you are getting across.

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Denver Vo

Apr 23, 2014

Thank you for the wonderful post, Simone. I’ve had in my lifetime hold onto resentment and stress. When I tried to suppress it, I became ill and my health began deteriorating. You hit the nail on your post that releasing whatever we get worked up on calms us. But what we can also do, as to not avoid affecting others around us, is to redirect our worked up energy to something constructive.

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Kirsty Taylor

May 18, 2014

Thank you Simone for posting this, it is the perfect time for me. My son has all of what you described, plus so so much more. I would love to talk to you and Anne at some stage. I am looking forward to your tell call coming up in the next few days about the Conscious Kids.

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Jul 30, 2014

Thank-you so much for sharing this.
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in “what have I got to contribute?” (shrouded in doubt) – rather than being “intensely present” as you say, and allowing and trusting in your awareness in the moment.

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