Home for the Holidays – Day 2

December 11, 2013

What if you could create a holiday season of fun and delight rather than exhaustion and fight?

7 tools in 7 days to bring you home to the magic and greatness of you this holiday season!

Day 2

Walking to my car after a couple of hours at the mall, my head was spinning with thoughts of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, drama, trauma and upset. Endless it seemed, was the stream. I sat behind the steering wheel, took a deep breath and pulled out a tool from Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness®. This tool is a question. And this question is tool #2 in our 7 tools in 7 days series.

Tool #2 – Who does that belong too?®

According to Douglas, 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have, are not yours. Did you catch that? 98%. That’s a pretty high percentage. If 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you are aware of are not yours, then most of what runs through your head, most of what you “feel” has nothing to do with you.

As noted in Pam Grout’s book, E Squared, scientists are confirming this perspective. It has been documented that science is suggesting that 95% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions do not belong to us. If they’re not ours, where do they come from?

Douglas says that we, as the psychic beings that we are, simply pick up on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. We walk by someone who’s depressed, we pick up on that feeling and being to feel depressed. We are sitting in our car next to someone who’s thinking about all of the things they need to do and rehearsing over and over how they will never get it done and that there simply is not enough time and suddenly we begin to think about all of the things we need to do and how there will never be enough time. And, during the holiday season, how frantic is the world? How much extra stuff is there to do? How many people are at the effect of obligations they believe they have to fulfil? Been picking up on any of that lately?

Can you imagine, if 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you identify as yours aren’t yours, and you cleared all of that away, how much space would you be? How ease-filled would you be? Would creating that space be of interest to you?

Here’s how the tool works: For every thought, feeling and emotion that you have, ask the question, “Who does that belong to?” If you have a sense of lightness when you ask it, guess what? It doesn’t belong to you! How so? When you ask the question “Who does this belong to?” you are opening up to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this thought or feeling or emotion isn’t yours. There’s lightness in your body. Your body is saying, “Thank you for considering that this isn’t ours! Thank you for not assuming that it is! Thank you for opening up to the possibility that we don’t have to carry this!”

When you get that whatever you are aware of, isn’t yours, you can simply say, “Return to sender.” You can add, “With consciousness attached.” Do you have to know where it came from? Nope. If you send it back are you sending it to someone and in a sense saying, “Take it back! I don’t want it!” as if you are throwing it back in their face? No. You are simply recognizing that it’s not yours. You are letting it go rather than buying it as real and true for you.

Gary Douglas says, “Use this tool for every thought, feeling and emotion that you have for 3 days and you will be a walking, talking meditation.”

Would using this tool in the days of this holiday season create more ease for you? How about when you are around familiar people and places? What if you didn’t have to take on anything and could instead choose ease and joy? Are you willing to be the space of you?



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