Home for the Holidays – Day 3

December 12, 2013

What if you could create a holiday season of fun and delight rather than exhaustion and fight?

7 tools in 7 days to bring you home to the magic and greatness of you this holiday season!

Day 3

In our 7 tools in 7 days, we have been looking at ways to create fun and ease during this holiday season. So far we have looked at destroying and uncreating everything we have decided about the holidays, the people we interact with during the holidays and ourselves; all of the expectations, judgments, decisions and conclusions that we have.

And, we have come to recognize that since 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not ours, we can “return to sender with consciousness attached” and open up to a new space of being; a space where we are not at the effect of the people and situations around us.

With both of these tools, we are clearing out the lies and limitations that we have bought as real and true and that we are using to keep creating the same patterns over and over again. And we are opening up to the possibility that something else can exist.

When we begin to clear out the expectations, projections, decisions and conclusions that we have come to and we begin to recognize that the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have identified with are in truth not even ours, we begin to grasp that what we truly are is space; specifically, a space of being and in this space of being, truly anything is possible.

So from this space, we can begin to create what we would actually like to create. No more creating by the default of the lies and limitations that we have bought as real and true. But truly creating from what is fun and ease-filled for us.

This brings us to tool #3.

Tool #3 – Living in the question

According to founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas, “Choice and question are the few things that will change everything.” And, “Questions open all doors.”

When you ask questions, you open the door to infinite possibilities. When you ask questions, you are saying to the universe, “I am willing to perceive, know, be and receive beyond my current reality and limitation. And the universe comes rushing in with infinite possibilities.

In the book Magic. You are it. BE it by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer it says, “The more you live in the question, the more infinite possibilities will show up for you. You can bypass 90% of the steps that humans have to go through to create something when you are willing to have the magic and live in the question.”

Are you willing to have the magic? Are you willing to stop functioning from conclusion and ask questions – all the time? Questions like, what else is possible? How does it get any better than this (whether something is “good” or bad”)? What would it take for (whatever you desire) to show up?

With regards to the holidays, you can ask, “What would it take for this holiday season to turn out greater than I can imagine?” And, “What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to be the space of being we truly be?”

Questions. Questions. And more questions. Ask the question. Open the door. Create a new reality.



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Madonna Chapman

Dec 13, 2013

Thank You so much Gary, Dain and the Access team! I am now more and more aware of where I am not asking questions or choosing and also I am aware of what I have been creating so far! What a gift! Thank you! Now I can choose more and more and more..

Madonna 🙂

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Dec 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Dain

What would it take for me to get away from the law, courts, injustice, and al the trauma and drama with sentence

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