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Would You Like More Ease With Creating Your Reality?

July 31, 2013

One of the more un-expected things that has been discovered in the work with Access Consciousness® is that there appears to be two kinds of beings on the planet: humans and humanoids. Let’s look at some of the differences here so that you can recognize who you are and not make yourself wrong for it.

Humans tend to see life from the perspective that it just is the way that it is. Even though it may appear to them as if nothing is ever right or working easily, they don’t tend to look for other possibilities. It’s about maintaining the status quo. The basis of human reality is how hard everything is, and their point of view is that you just have to deal with it. You have to “do “ a lot and everything functions on slow speed. Another distinctive human trait is that they tend to live in judgment of everyone and everything else.

Humanoids on the other hand, judge themselves non-stop. They feel like they don’t fit in. They keep busy looking for ways to make things better. They invent and search out other possibilities. Humanoids create the changes that come out of a lack of satisfaction with the status quo. If you know there is more to life but don’t know where or how to find it, you may be a humanoid.

Whether someone is a human or humanoid, it is just an interesting point of view. It’s important to get that neither is right nor wrong, superior or inferior, just different!

If a humanoid indemnifies human reality they take away the risk of being who they truly are in order to justify the choices humans make and ensure that human reality is correct. They try to contract themselves to make it okay to be like a human. Are you trying to give up parts of yourself in order to feel like you fit in with the rest of the world? Do you make the idea of “being included” greater than just being? Humanoids can spend their entire lives trying to not create waves and avoid making people feel un-comfortable.

Do you find yourself wanting to be different in this reality, when you could create having a different reality that actually includes this reality?


If you are happy being yourself, with no judgment, life can be easy, greater, things can come together faster and you can create your life with ever expanding possibilities. You can employ this reality to work for you (not the other way round).

What if you could be the magic and show the world what you’re capable of? What if you are here to create a different reality on the planet, to be a steward of the Earth and be the leader who shows up and is willing to BE what else is possible?

To do this, humanoids have to be willing to be different. They must have a target of creating the life they desire and make the demand of themselves, “No matter what, I’m having this as my reality!”

What if having your reality, being you and enjoying humanoid embodiment creates something more dynamic, not less? Its what you choose to BE that changes people. So, what energy can you be that would invite people to a different possibility? Inspire them to expand to where you are rather than contract in order to go to where they are to get them out of their limitation.

Ask, “What’s possible here that I haven’t even considered? Where can I invite them that they haven’t considered? “


Did you know that “Ask and you shall receive” is one of the truths of the Universe? But what kinds of questions are you asking?

When you ask questions, are you asking from a place of curiosity, adventure and possibility? Or from a place of doubt, as if there is nothing to support what you are asking for? What is the energy behind the question?

When you’re willing to make a demand of yourself, you can create something greater. But rather than forcing it into existence, it can be so much easier if you would also engage the Universe to assist you.

Would you be willing to make a request of the Universe? Be clear what your REQUEST is, i.e “Hey Universe, can you send me people who are willing to go where I want to take them? Can you send me people who can receive what I have to offer?”

The purpose of the question is to get you out of the conclusion that things are the way they are and open you up to a different possibility. Remember, the Universe has your back…ask and you shall receive. This is not a human reality point of view!

So, would you be willing to be the social creature, have fun, be the energy of play (the energy of creation), be the invitation, be clear with your request and challenge human reality? Or would that just be way too easy?



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