The 10 Keys To Total Freedom

August 04, 2013

by Marilyn Bradford

The more I use the 10 keys to total freedom, the more they show me awarenesses and possibilities that are beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. The key is – using them! When I don’t – not too much changes – when I do – the results are amazing!

Learning to Live as The question (#4) has and still is profoundly changing so much for me. I spent my life before Access always looking for the right answer, which took a lot of judgment, (#6) and making being “right” very significant! ( #5). Is it any wonder that my life was in a constant state of contraction and heaviness? Because I was so invested in the right answer – lots of great academic training, I wasn’t able to see anything that didn’t match what I had already decided about myself, my job or anything else in my life. My psychotherapy practice was just hobbling along, I had accepted a 12 Step program as the answer to my drinking, I was in a marriage I needed to get out of and I was depressed. Wow! How fun was that??!! Not!

As I began to move into question everything began to shift. My psychotherapy practice became a joy again as I quit applying theories and listening to stories, mine and theirs! (#9) People were getting better faster and everyone was happier – it really was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! While my marriage ended, it was done in an expansive way, where we didn’t have to exclude each other (#10) from our lives – in fact, we became better friends after the divorce!

With the assistance of Gary Douglas, I created Right Recovery For You, a revolutionary way to end any addictive or compulsive behavior, which is heavily influenced by the 10 commandments. (Why – because they work!!!) And I don’t even remember what it feels like to be depressed! How does it get any better than that??!!

Just today, I was in a traffic snarl, and instead of resisting and reacting, which is what I would have done in the past, I just repeated over and over again: Interesting point of view I have a point of view about this traffic. I was happy and pretty soon it shifted.

Any time I create any kind of a mess – which I do less of when I’m using the 10 commandments – there is always a commandment that will get me out of it. All I have to do is ask a question: OK – Which commandment will create the greatest change here? Then all I have to do is use it!!!

I invite you to play with all of the commandments. I don’t know what they will do for you, but I do know that your life will change in phenomenal ways!

Marilyn is an Access Consciousness cerfitied facilitator and to find out more about Marilyn and her upcoming classes you can check out her profile at www.MarilynBradford.AccessConsciousness.com



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Sep 12, 2014

The last one is the most important. Do not covet. This could be interpreted as being exactly the same as non attachment also. Having no attachment or desire for things which you cannot own such as possessions or people. Ideas thought patterns and self defeating ways of expression. Thanks for reminding us.

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