Consciousness includes everything…even your mouth!

July 30, 2013

Going to the dentist may not be the happiest time for many people. Many of us have had childhood experiences of our parents telling us that putting things in our mouth is “nasty” or “dirty” – what does that bring up?.

How many people enjoy the sound of the dentist’s drill? What about the threat of losing your teeth because you eat too many sweets?

When you’re a kid your dentist tells you things like you have a cavity or your teeth will need braces. As time goes on, your visits can become procedures for gum disease, root canals, and (gulp…) the dreaded dentures!

Did you know there are energetic implants in the mouth? What are they creating or hindering? What else is possible?

What would it be like to consciously regrow missing teeth, gum tissue, and bone structures?

What about regenerating TMJ structures?

Is it possible to have plaque and calculus NOT buildup on your teeth?

Modern dentistry says these things are impossible—is that the truth or is it a big fat lie?

Dr. Tom Kolso has been a practicing dentist for almost 20 years. For more than 15 of those years he has been using the tools of Access Consciousness with the mouth and asking questions.

Being in the question has enabled him to activate dental generative systems that have been dormant/shut-down for millennium. He has specific dental clearings and processes to facilitate further changes.

Would you like a “Happy Mouth”? Listen to Dr Tom talking with Gary Douglas about this on VoiceAmerica.

The next Energetic Dentistry tele-class starts August 25th.

For more information visit: www.yourhappymouth.com



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Aug 14, 2013

I LOVE the energetic dentistry info! I’ve had dental issues my whole life & have spent the majority of my adult life in constant & often excruciating dental pain. I’m in something of a dental crisis situation right now. I’ve spent the last year or so asking what it would take to re-grow teeth, etc. It hasn’t changed much. If I had the money to pay for the procedure, all my remaining teeth would already be gone. If they aren’t there, they can’t hurt. Thank you for making me aware that there is another possibility even if it, too, is outside my current financial means.

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