World Without Upset….Access Consciousness® Offers Tools that You Can Use to Create That For Yourself

February 28, 2013

If there were tools to end the upsets in your life, would you use them? Access Consciousness®, founded by best selling author Gary Douglas, has several of these tools!

“Every upset is an invention,” he says. “It’s something you made up. It’s not real.”

One easy way to change this is to use the clearing statement: “What invention are you using with the upset you are choosing? Right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds.”

What’s a clearing statement? How do you use it? It’s very easy. The first part is a question you can ask yourself again and again. Every time you ask it, a new layer of what you’re asking for shows up. You can even put it on a loop on your iPod and play it again and again, while exercising, sleeping, or any other time.

The second part of the clearing statement, starting with right and wrong, is a bunch of words that are “short-speak” for different energies holding in place the limitations you’re looking to change. You don’t have to know what they stand for. The universe does.

One way of looking at all of these is to acknowledge that they go to the “point of creation” – POC – the seed of the tree of the limitation you’re looking to get rid of. Just as a tree can only exist because it started with a seed, your limitation can only exist because it started from its point of creation. The miraculous truth is that you don’t even have to know what or where the point of creation of your limitation is. The universe knows! When you say the clearing statement, the universe goes to that point of creation and makes it disappear. Poof!

Wouldn’t you like to have the universe working magically on your behalf?

This clearing statement can be used in any area of life where you have upset. In business, for example, the points of view that create upset are very often the feeling that you have no choice, you have no control, or you’re wrong when you should have been right. None of these are true; all of them are limitations and inventions.

When Access Consciousness® facilitators, including Douglas, describe Access Consciousness® as a set of tools and processes that can change any part of your life that isn’t working, they aren’t kidding. There are many tools in many areas.

In the area of upset, there are more tools. One is that you can take that upset and make it infinite. You could pretend it’s a giant balloon and blow it up until it’s as big as the universe. Does it go? Or does it either stay small, or dissipate entirely? Only something that is true can be made infinite. If the upset doesn’t become infinite, there’s another sign that it’s not actually true. Do you wish to waste your time trying to resolve something that isn’t true? What are your chances of succeeding?

The truth is that if you’re buying a lie about something, you won’t actually be able to resolve that issue. The lie will keep you stuck forever. Using the making-it-infinite tool will enable you to identify what is a lie so you can get free.

Yet another tool to handle upset, in the form of anger, rage, fury, and hate, is to recognize these are what are called Distractor Implants. A Distractor Implant is like a dog chasing its tail; there’s a lot of movement, but does the dog ever get what it’s trying to get? A Distractor Implant’s purpose is to keep you from seeing you. Getting out of a Distractor Implant can be as easy as reminding yourself, “I’m feeling anger, that’s just a Distractor Implant….never mind!”

If you’d like to use the clearing statement again, you can say, “pod and poc all the hidden stuff keeping that in place. Now what?” That will enable the real issue that the Distractor Implant is hiding to show up so you can handle it.

Anger can have another source. It can be an indicator you’re being lied to. If you find yourself suddenly being quite angry, you can ask, “Where is the lie here, spoken or unspoken?” More often the lie that’s sparking your anger is unspoken, rather than spoken. Chances are good that once you identify the lie, the whole tangled upset will simply dissolve, leaving you with a sense of peace.

How about it? If creating your world without upset were possible, would you do it?



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