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Would You Be Willing to Put Energy to Work to Improve Your Communication?

February 25, 2013

Is communication something that’s important to you in your daily life? Would you be willing to use awareness of energy flows to make it easier, no matter whom you’re talking to? What if doing so could be easy?
Here’s the secret that Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® and best-selling author has discovered.
Most people tend to function from a particular habitual energy pattern, pushing energy out from them at people, pulling energy from people towards them, putting up barriers, or functioning on neutral, waiting to be filled up before they commit to action.
The energetic posture of a person tells you how to flow energy to establish true communication with them. The person pushing energy, requires you to pull the energy they are pushing towards you, in order to establish a connection. The person that pulls energy requires you to flow energy towards them. The person with barriers also requires their energy to be pulled until the barriers come down so communication can be established. The person who functions on neutral, requires you to flow energy towards them until they get filled up so that communication can occur.

Unfortunately, we misunderstand these energy flows and often tend to do exactly the opposite of what would work best. The salesman who comes running towards you when you put your big toe in the corner of the furniture section of a department store is pushing energy at you—and that repulses most of us. We want to push that energy away. Pulling energy from that salesman can create an entirely different communication. He might tell you the truth about why you shouldn’t buy the car he’s selling, for example.
Likewise, we all know people who suck energy endlessly. We tend to feel we’ll be sucked dry by them so we resist flowing energy towards them. If we would recognize that as infinite beings, we cannot be “sucked dry,” we would be able to flow the energy towards them that they require, resulting in smoother communication as they get what they need and have been asking for energetically.
The people with barriers cannot be reached until their barriers come down, which requires us to pull energy if we wish to establish communication. Those who function on neutral are waiting for us to flow energy that they require towards them, in effect filling their perpetually “half-empty cup.”
Luckily, these systems that may sound unfamiliar when described in this fashion, are easy to learn and come equipped with an instant feedback system. When you recognize the energy required by a person and flow it back to them, you will experience a warmth across your chest, what some might describe as an opening of the heart chakra if that language appeals to you.
At that point, communication can occur. Until this energetic connection is established, “no communication can occur,” states Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness® and best-selling author. How often have you observed that state of no communication or mis-communication occurring in your daily life? Would you be willing to utilize these energy flows if it would make communication not only possible, but infinitely easier?
“Is it a manipulation? Yes! But can you manipulate someone who is not willing to be manipulated?” And if using this manipulation allows you to “hear” someone you could not hear before, would that not be a good thing for all concerned?
Like many of the tools of Access Consciousness®, by using these energy flows, practice makes perfect. The classic Access Consciousness® homework to perfect your energy flowing skills is to go to Starbucks or the coffee shop of your choice, stand by the door, and quietly pull energy from everyone in the room until they turn and look at you.
Relax, they will all turn at their own pace, they won’t all turn at once. The children will get it first. They’ll know you’re doing something, without necessarily being able to articulate what you were doing. When they do look at you, just smile. If you don’t notice this working, then pull energy harder. You’re pulling the energy towards you and through you, not just into you. You do not have to become a Michelin man of energy.
Although there are the four postures of energy described above, another aspect of energy Douglas has noticed is that people like to have their energy pulled. This may seem surprising to those of you who might assume that to make a connection with people, you should flow energy towards them and give them energy. The difficulty with this common misperception is that it doesn’t work. How good are people at receiving in this reality? How willing are they to receive this energy you wish to give to them?
Contrary to what many would assume, having your energy pulled feels good. Douglas routinely suggests people do this when he’s on stage. Everyone who pulls “his” energy feels better, and he feels better as well. The more they pull, the more energy flows into him from behind him.
You can use this awareness of how good it feels to have your energy pulled to your advantage in lots of situations. You can use it to get the attention of a waiter in a restaurant when you’re looking for your check. You can use it with a disgruntled airline employee when you’re in line to have your cancelled flight rebooked. If you’re applying for a job you can ask in advance what the energy posture of the person who will be interviewing you is, and then you can flow or pull energy to or from them in advance so they recognize you as the stellar future employee they can’t resist hiring. If you’re on-stage you can pull energy from the audience to get them to quiet down and listen to you.
What other magic can you create in your communication using these simple and effective tools?
Energy pulls and about a zillion other life-changing tools are offered in the Access Consciousness® core classes, Bars through Levels 2 and 3. You can find information about these classes and when they’ll next be offered near you by searching for classes under “find a class” on the Access Consciousness® website. Access Bars® is the first class, and more than 1000 licensed Access Bars® facilitators offer these classes worldwide. Certified facilitators offer Foundation and Level 1 worldwide; these classes facilitated by Gary Douglas are also available via the Internet. Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer present Levels 2 & 3, which are available live and via the Internet and live-stream.


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Mar 10, 2013

I’m curious now to try this out and see what happens.

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Dec 18, 2014

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