Business Whiz Tamara Younker Selects Choice Over Success As Usual and Discovers Her Life Can Be Joyful

December 20, 2012

“Just cause you’re good at it doesn’t mean you should do it,” says Tamara Younker, certified Access Consciousness™ facilitator and one of the Leaders for a Conscious World.

She’d been successful in the operations management aspect of “bazillions” of different kinds of businesses, but when an unexpected divorce “shattered my life into bits” she told herself, “if I’m going to put my life back together, I’m going to do it in a way that’s fun and satisfying and fulfilling.”

She’d been doing energy work for 8 years as a side activity. The divorce prompted her to choose to do that, which she had already enjoyed, professionally. She became certified as a coach, focusing on transformation through empowerment.

Empowerment is dear to her heart because she noticed that when she empowered herself, her life changed in ways she couldn’t have predicted. Prior to discovering the concept of empowerment, “you name it, I was at the effect of it. I was a walking, talking Eeyore.”

When she discovered Access Consciousness™ in 2010, her reaction was, “Well, of course I’m going to facilitate. She cornered her first Access Bars™ facilitator before lunch during her first class and asked him what it would take to become a facilitator herself. She was facilitating her first Foundation class 6 months later.

“My first Access Bars™ class felt like coming home.” As soon as I became certified, I facilitated my first class. I was so excited. I thought, “This is yummy stuff, I want to incorporate the tools in what I’m already doing. The tools of Access Consciousness™ changed things faster than any modality I’d ever used before. I immediately dumped all the modalities I was using cause this stuff works. It worked for me and I was watching it work in the lives of people I facilitated.

“What is really exciting is watching people discover they’re not pathetic, they don’t have to live at the effect of other people, their thoughts, their emotions. They actually have a choice.

“I created a no-choice universe for myself. I was living as if I had no choice. When I was living at the effect of everything, there was no fun in my world. It felt like drudgery. I was pretty miserable most of the time, just surviving.

I was so totally into controlling everything in order to avoid disaster. There’s no creation in that—force effort and control to avoid whatever you’ve decided is the bad thing that you don’t want to have happen. It was killing me, it was exhausting, it was miserable. Now, knowing that you can create and having the tools to create, I’m living, there’s aliveness that never existed before in my life.

“Really becoming aware of my capacity for choice, my potency of choice, was the thing that changed everything. As soon as I started living that potency of choice, I discovered, ‘Holy sh**, now possibility exists!” Before I discovered choice, possibility was just a fancy word–it didn’t have any meaning to me before I discovered choice.

“I would love to see people throw away the rule book of this reality and really choose for them, what works for them, what’s fun for them, be the creative leader in their own life without worry and anxiety about what everybody else is thinking about it, without having to deal with, ‘if I choose this what ramifications do I have to deal with from everyone else? I would like to see people live in a way that’s joyful for them.”

The joy seems to be spreading as her classes are created by invitations that come about in magical ways. “I love travelling the globe. I have travelled all my life and that’s one of my greatest passions, the thing that creates joyful life, to combine facilitating and travel. Working with people is just the greatest joy for me, creating and being a space of intimacy with people that invites change and greater possibility.”



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