What Would It Be Like to Live in 10-Second Increments with Your Body?

December 24, 2012

Access Consciousness™ is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In a previous series of articles, some ways that the Access Consciousness™ “Ten Commandments” can be used to change your money situation were discussed. Now some of the ways that the Ten Commandments can affect your body are being discussed.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the full list of all Ten Commandments. This article is the third in a series that will explain more fully how every single one of them can apply to your body. This article focuses on the third commandment: live in 10-second increments.

1. Would an infinite being really choose this?
2. Everything is just an interesting point of view.
3. Live in 10-second increments.
4. Live as the question, not as the answer.
5. No form, no structure, no significance.
6. No judgment, no discrimination, no discernment
7. No drugs of any kind
8. No competition.
9. Do not listen to, tell, or buy the story
10. No exclusion

What would it look like to live in 10-second increments with your body? One of the benefits of living in 10-second increments is it opens up the possibility to change everything and anything. Nothing is taken as a fact or a “done deal” because everything is subject to change in the next 10 seconds.

Do you have anything you would like to change in your body? What if doing so were as easy as making another choice when the next 10 seconds rolls around?

Does that sound impossible? That very impossibility that seems inescapable illustrates how locked in we are to the inability to change that creation we call our bodies. What would it take for that to be different?

Certainly, this runs counter to most everything we believe about bodies. But as usual, Access Consciousness™ has a different way of looking at many things, especially bodies.

Medical doctors, for example, tend to believe that their diagnoses are true, right, permanent, and unchangeable. If someone who was diagnosed with the bipolar psychiatric disorder, for example, clearly no longer exhibits those symptoms after being exposed to the tools of Access Consciousness™, then the psychiatrist’s natural assumption is that they must have been misdiagnosed in the first place because it’s common medical knowledge (read: Truth) that bipolar disorder is incurable and not something one can recover from.

Doctors and most everyone else assume that if you require a certain medication, you require the same amount every day, in the same dose and the same frequency. Using the Access Consciousness™ tool of asking your body has demonstrated this not to be the case, however, demonstrating that our bodies can indeed change and more quickly than we tend to assume possible.

One woman attending a 3-day Access Consciousness™ Body Class asked her body every day whether it required her long-acting or short-acting insulin she was prescribed for her diabetes. After one day of class in which her partner focused on body processes that could change her physiology, her body told her she did not require either insulin medication that day. Her blood sugar was normal that day. The next day, her body required one of the two prescribed medications. The rapidity of change in her body relative to the disease doctors consider incurable showed how fast the body can change when it’s honored. Perhaps it could even change in 10-second increments like everything else in the world!

Merely considering what could be different in our bodies if they could change in 10-second increments can illustrate just how many fixed points of view we do have about our bodies.

When we assume that anything about our bodies is not changeable, we ignore the 10-second commandment and seriously dishonor our bodies. Bernie Siegel, M.D., a cancer surgeon and author of the book, Love, Medicine, and Miracles, has stated that there is no such thing as an incurable disease, only an incurable patient. In other words, this cancer surgeon is acknowledging how it is possible to change what is going on in our bodies—even when it’s a life-threatening illness.

Likewise, if we were to live in 10-second increments relative to our bodies, would any of the changes that occur with aging that are seen as inescapable from the point of view of this reality be permanent? Or could we look at it as, “Body, you’re acting a little stiff today. What would it take to change that?”

If we chose in 10-second increments, would any change in the body be permanent, or would it be an interesting, temporary point of view? Looking at it from that perspective, doesn’t it seem a lot more possible to bring about the changes in our body that we’d really like to make? Including the ones that we’d decided were impossible because they concerned permanent changes?

Would any request from our body that we considered wacky be so wacky if it were only for 10 seconds? Would anything that we had decided had to be true about our bodies have to be true any longer if we could change it in 10-second increments? Would it matter to us if what our body was asking for “made sense” if we considered it a request that was only good for 10 seconds?

There’s only one place where living in 10-second increments might not be in your body’s best interest, and that’s the area of sex. For sex, you might want to choose in intervals of a number of 10-second increments—or not, if it doesn’t please you or your body in this 10-second increment.

What if living in 10-second increments turned being in your body into an on-going adventure? How much fun could you have then? (Whatever you do, do not apply that to the above paragraph about sex…..)

If you’d like to explore the wonders of the Access Consciousness™ Ten Commandments, there is a teleclass series with a 90 minute segment on each one of the 10 available from the Access shop. Gary has called these ten principles “the keys to the kingdom” of creating the life you’d like to have.



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Amy Williams

Jan 5, 2013

As with all of these wonderful tools play, play play! 10seconds..oops “What ? can I ask my body now?”…10 seconds, “What is right about my body now?”10 seconds
“Hey body what would you like to move this discomfort?”
The heaviness of stuck energy of what we perceive as an only physical reality can be such a habit… this tool is going to be fun to apply with the new awareness gained from this post!
Mucho gratitude!!!

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Apr 14, 2013

My take on this is that it is realy the identity we carry that needs to and does shift and change constantly to suit the flow of creations we experience. Even if the continuum of an experience is 1000 seconds long, one’s identity changes in congruence with the many constant changes within that experience. Of course, some people are more conservative (traditionalistic) and some more liberal (novel) in this regard. And, we also frequently accelerate and slow it down deliberately to suit us. Furthermore, we seem to often move different levels of ourselves at different speeds, with both small and large shifts in difference, all in simultaneity. In fact, although 10 seconds is a good way to approach the awareness of the continual recurrence and renewal of choice, event and awareness (or energy, space and consciousness), it soon proves to be way too long. It’s more like .25 to 1 second increments that recommitment requirements and new possibilities come in, within a moderate time stream of external and internal relationship and event.

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Liam Phillips

Nov 10, 2014

Living in 10 second increments is my absolute favorite tool. I always thought that living like this was a wrongness as peolpe would say I could not focus. Once I acknowledge where I was living in 10 seconds and that this gave me choice I was able to step in to more capacities and get a billion things done in very little time and with lots of fun.

Thank you Mr Douglas for giving me the ability to choose!

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babar gujjar

May 12, 2017

Wish to show thanks to you just for bailing me out of this heart disease. Appreciation for really being thoughtful and also for deciding on certain marvelous guides most people really want to be aware of.

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