The First Commandment and Your Body

November 05, 2012

Many years ago, Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas formulated the 10 Commandments of Access Consciousness™.

No, it was not his way of starting another cult or religion—far from it. He subtitles his commandments “the keys to your freedom,” as that is his target for those attending his classes (and everyone else in the world who desires it).

What would it be like if we applied the 10 Commandments of Access Consciousness™ to our bodies?

The first commandment is, “Would an infinite being truly choose this? And if they wouldn’t, why are you?”

Have you ever thought of your body as being infinite? It can be a stretch! It’s not the way most of us usually think about our bodies—but how happy or unhappy are most people with their bodies?

In truth, says Douglas, you created your body and you are an infinite being, so your body should be as infinite as you are. If you’re having trouble with that concept, try this exercise:

Close your eyes and look for the outside edges of you. Start at your skin, and keep going further and further beyond it, outside your body. If you contact something that seems like an edge of you, push on it and see if you can go further.

So! Are you an infinite being or a finite one? Are you in your body, or is your body inside you? Most people find that they are much too big to fit into something as small as their little bodies. You and your body are both infinite beings! You may not have been acting like it or acknowledging it, however.

Like all of the Ten Commandments of Access Consciousness™, this can be applied to any body situation you would like to change. As in all situations in life we’d like to change, the answer is almost always that of course, an infinite being would not choose it.

The reasons for our doing so usually boil down to just a couple: to prove what victims we are so someone will rescue us, or to create yet another disaster in our lives.

Have you ever known someone who did this to themselves, using their bodies to do so? Have you ever known anyone who did not? Most people don’t like their bodies, don’t enjoy being in them, and many use problems with their bodies as one of the ways they can sabotage themselves and keep themselves in the victim role.

Not their best choice, but one that people often make! How many people have you known that created a mysterious and even life-threatening illness just when they were so close to breaking through the tape of the finish line of some target they had been working on for years?

Sometimes people simply like their lives being disasters because for some reason they think it would not be interesting or exciting if it weren’t. If they didn’t have something painful or colorful or dramatic going wrong with their bodies, what would they talk about? If they didn’t have 10 pounds to lose what excuse would they have for buying yet another trashy women’s magazine with yet another miracle diet in it? Creating an undesirable condition in their bodies can be a way to focus the hate and judgment they have of their bodies, and their resistance to the greatness of being in one in the first place.

If you followed this commandment, wouldn’t you have to acknowledge that every single undesirable condition in your body was your creation? Would that extend the potency you have as an infinite being to a place you had never considered before? If your body is one of the things you’d like to change in your life, might applying this commandment allow you to change it, making it possible for you to have everything you’ve been asking for and longing for your whole life?

It may be painful to admit that even the things about your body that you don’t like are your creations. It is in your best interest, however. Acknowledging that what’s occurring in your life as your creation is the necessary first step to changing it. Would an infinite being judge their own creation? It’s a lot easier if you don’t judge your creation, but merely acknowledge your creation and all your points of view about it as merely interesting points of view.

Then changing it can be as easy as asking your body, “Body, what would it take for you to change this?”



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