Changing your body could be easy

November 21, 2012

What an interesting relationship most of us have with our bodies! They accompany us everywhere and make everything we do on earth possible, yet we ignore and denigrate them at every turn and pay no attention to the messages they try in vain to send to us.

Then when they do manage to create a pain or symptom that gets our attention, we conclude something is horribly wrong with our body and the symptom must be gotten rid of right away.

We go from completely ignoring our bodies to being almost possessed by the wrongness of what’s occurring in our body’s desperate attempts to get our attention. How smart is that? Not very!

What could change if we were to apply the second of the Access Consciousness™ 10 Commandments, formulated by Access Consciousness™ founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas, to our lives with our bodies?

What if everything that occurred with our bodies were just an interesting point of view? Would that create a different reality with our bodies, perhaps a more rewarding relationship with our bodies?

Certainly, it would make it easier to change the things we do not like about what’s occurring with our bodies. Why is that? Our bodies have awareness, consciousness, and intelligence just like we the beings do—they just don’t have minds that constantly overcome their knowing. Just as with animals, we assume we are more conscious than our bodies because they don’t speak and think, and we do. Is that assumption really correct? Or are our bodies like the elephants during the tsunami in Thailand who pulled up the stakes in the ground that had held them in place for 30 years because their awareness of the upcoming tsunami that would otherwise drown them was so much greater than the humans who went to the beach to pick up the free fish?

When we’re judging—and judging is the opposite of interesting point of view—whatever we’re judging cannot change. Don’t believe it? When someone demands you change something, anything, because they don’t like it, how willing are you to change it? Or do you have to dig in your heels like a teenager or two year old and resist unless and until they come to interesting point of view, at which point you then have the freedom to choose? This tendency of human nature, to resist changing anything that’s judged, has long been observed by those in the helping professions—Gestalt psychologist Fritz Perls called it the “paradoxical theory of change.”

Guess what, it applies to your body as well! Who knew? In order to change anything, however undesirable, about your body, you have to first come out of judgment of it to a point where you can be merely interesting point of view about what your body has created at your request.

How has your body created these undesirables at your request? Do you think your body wishes to be anything but lithe, healthy, flexible, and functioning well? It does not! Want to check this out? Ask your body how long it would like to live! More or less than 100 years? More or less than 200 years? 300? 400? If it keeps getting lighter when you say more, keep raising the number.

So if that’s what our body would like, why do our bodies degenerate, break down, and die? It’s because of the limitations that we the beings impose upon them. Not our smartest move, but rather pervasive, to say the least!

Having your Access Bars™ run, by the way, releases gazillions of these limitations you the being have imposed on your body with every session you gift and receive. It’s because of the considerations you the being have and impose on your body that anything goes wrong with your body. It’s the letting go of those considerations that make the body miracles occur in just one session of Access Bars™.

Some of these miracles, for those of you not familiar with them, include a man suffering from scoliosis who was an inch and a half taller (4 cm for those of you in the metric world) when he got off the table; many people who no longer have headaches after just one Access Bars™ session, and all kinds of other pains and disabilities that just vanish after a single Access Bars™ session. And that’s saying nothing of the way that people who start doing Access Consciousness™ seem to stop aging in their tracks, as long as they continue to use the tools and get their Access Bars™ run.

So what would it look like if we approached our bodies from interesting point of view? It might be easier to change them! One woman who lost 2 dress sizes between her first and second Levels 2 & 3 (an interval of 3 days) approached her body with questions. “What would it take to change this flabbiness in my arms, body?” was one question she asked, for example.

If we were to approach everything that occurs with our bodies as just an interesting point of view, could the opinions of experts and medical doctors (also known as Medical Deities) have the heavy hold over us that they do now? What if any diagnosis, instead of being a statement of irrevocable fact, were just an interesting point of view our body was taking to get our attention? We could ask a question, “Body, what are you trying to tell me with this (fill in the symptom of your body’s choice)?”

The same question could be applied to pain. As soon as we decide pain is real, we have to continue making it real to prove ourselves right. What if we were to ask a question instead? One question Douglas suggests is, “Body, what are you trying to tell me with this intensity?” Identifying what we previously labeled as pain as the intensity it is shifts it from being serious and real and significant into being yes, just another interesting point of view.

“Interesting point of view that I have that point of view” is our ticket out of judgment. How would that apply to our bodies? How many judgments do we have of our bodies? It is these judgments that determine what we see in the mirror, not the image of what we really look like.

What could you change about your body if every single one of those opinions you have about any part of it were just an interesting point of view? What if the change you’ve been longing for in your body were as easy to create as a change in your point of view? Truth, would you be willing to have that? What would it take?



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Debbi Dachinger

Dec 18, 2012

Question please. I’ve taken Bars classes twice (one with Dr. Dain) and also F/L1. I always enjoy Bars very much and lately something has been happening I hope you might shed light on for me. I traded bars 2 weeks ago with someone and afterwards I was out of it (very spacey, could not work or do much of anything) for three hours after the Bars trade. I only came out of the trance-like experience that night when I went to the movies. Again this past weekend, I traded Bars with this same person – we did Bars and after the MTVSS process. Once he left I could do nothing for the rest of the afternoon and evening. In the past in Bar exchanges I have not experienced that. This is a new form of way too expanded? For the next ten hours after the Bars trade the best I could do was watch TV as I was not too functional. Is that weird? Or meaningful? Thanks for your help.

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