Changing Addictions

November 23, 2012

A psychotherapist of over 20 years with specialty in addiction, Marilyn Bradford. MSW, noticed both her life and her practice accelerated massively when she began applying the Access Consciousness™ tools to both.

The Access Consciousness™ subsidiary program, Right Recovery for You, developed from her asking a question of Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author, Gary Douglas, about how the tools of Access Consciousness™ could be applied to people looking to change their addictions. She had already noticed that the Access Consciousness™ tools she’d integrated into her practice got dramatically faster and better results than anything she’d tried previously.

Now the program Right Recovery for You, which she developed with Douglas, “offers a much faster, completely effective way for people to come to a place of true choice with addictive behavior.”

Bradford is totally familiar with the issues of addiction and traditional approaches that attempt to change it. She has had her own issues including what was described as alcoholism and addiction to cigarettes, as well as being close to having an eating disorder. She used traditional treatment programs and bought them “hook, line, and sinker for more than 15 years all the while knowing there had to be something that’s more empowering of people.”

Now, thanks to the tools of Access Consciousness™, she would like people to know that “there actually are incredibly effective tools and processes and heretofore unavailable information that will allow them to go beyond what they ever thought was possible in terms of expanding their lives, whatever matters to them, whether it is family, relationship, money, or whatever, into something far beyond what they thought was possible.

“I would like people to know that anything can be changed and that there are futures beyond what they ever imagined and that they can be a contribution that they never knew that they could be and that the tools offered by Access Consciousness™ are there to give them an awareness of self to uncover their capacity to know what they know so they never have to operate from being the effect of others again.

“Real choice is truly possible.”

When asked how her own life has changed, she replied, “Oh my God, how has it not changed? I had a fairly small normal life of being psychotherapist with a private practice in one town. Now, as a result of Access Consciousness™ and the tools and support of Access Consciousness™, I have co-created with Gary Douglas Right Recovery which is known globally, given workshops around the world offering people a truly radically different approach to addiction which allows people to walk away from any addictive or compulsive behavior permanently. I’m having fun. I’m travelling. I’ve never been this creative or generative, I’m on telesummits, teleclasses and in person classes worldwide. I have clients in I don’t know how many countries. I have a sense of being a contribution that I never knew was possible for me. Access Consciousness™ has shown me that I have a greatness to me that I never imagined was there.”

The miracles do not stop with Marilyn’s own life. She is facilitating people with addictions of all kinds to make changes they never thought were possible, with more speed and ease than they ever imagined possible.

One client came to her more than $100,000 in debt to his cocaine dealer. Within 6 sessions he was able to quit, and come to place of choice. On his last session, he related to her that he no longer had any desire for cocaine.

Another client in her 40s, bulimic since her teens and never able to get past it, despite trying many kinds of therapy, became bulimia free in four sessions. This was 2-1/2 years ago.

A third client called Bradford who was in a relationship with an abusive woman. Though he was separated from her, he felt tied to this woman to a degree that he could never stop obsessing about what she was doing or who she was with. She was still taunting him, texting him. After 4 sessions, he felt absolutely no pull to her and started talking about what he was doing to create and generate his life.

Bradford would like to spread the miracles further through her involvement with Leaders for a Conscious World.

I would like to see this group help jumpstart a mega expansion of Access Consciousness™, and consciousness in the world. I’d like it to be a prototype of facilitators to learn about operating from the Kingdom of We, truly being a contribution without competition.

I would like this to be the catalyst for an explosion of consciousness on the planet, for people to actually know what that is and allow them to have the clarity to choose beyond spirituality if that’s what they desire.

What are the infinite possibilities?



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Dec 29, 2012

Hi Marilyn
My name is Julie and I am in a relationship with a man who abuses alcohol. I was wondering if you could guide me toward steps I could take in order for him to get some sort of treatment as it is affecting both of our lives. I live near Toronto Ontario. Do you do any sort of work in this area?
Thank you

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Mar 14, 2013

Hi Julie,
Please contact Marilyn via http://onlinerecoverycenter.com/contact-us/

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