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What Could You Change that You’ve Never Thought of Before?

October 09, 2012

Was it Mark Twain that said, “Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it?” What if you could?

Changing the weather, airline turbulence, prices of items in stores, availability of things that just were not possible can be everyday occurrences for those willing to consider that magic is possible, to refuse to believe “it can’t be done” and to ask questions that never occurred to most people.

One dramatic example of changing the weather occurred at the very first advanced seven-day event in Costa Rica. A spur of the moment horseback ride to some cascades occurred, and this included many people who were older and had not been on horses in years, if ever.

The ride through the Costa Rican rainforest was spectacular, as were the waterfalls, which at that time were in their natural state, unspoiled by the over-development that has since been added. Gary guided participants in an exercise of experiencing communion as they sat in the water and watched the psychedelic blue butterflies above us, listening to the howler monkeys and crickets surrounding them. It was mesmerizing, and instructions to get out of the warm water to return to the hotel before it got dark at 5 p.m. were just way too easy to ignore.

It was nearly dusk before participants even left the waterfalls, and dark had set in as they neared the lodge. Even more threatening, it had started to rain, making the tropical soils more slippery and nerve-wracking to inexperienced riders.

One participant, already safely ensconced in her room, remembers looking out the window and seeing the last stragglers on their horses pass through the portico into the stables, just as the heavens opened up with thunder and lightening in full tropical force. “Nice job with the weather, Gary,” she recalls thinking. The potency of Gary’s intervention was obvious, even before such a subject as changing the weather had ever been discussed in class.

Now, of course, the magic that is possible using the Access Consciousness™ tools is out of the closet. There’s the book Magic, You Are It, Be It, and it is the subject of a global lecture Gary is presenting from Colorado Springs on October 5. Pods around the world are tuning in, and many facilitators and other lovers of Access Consciousness™ who have completed Levels 2 & 3 will be hosting events and continuing seminars on the subject. The Magic, You Are It, Be It book will be available for sale at many of these events.

What other magic might be possible, if we only asked? Asking, of course, is the key to magic. Not only do questions empower while answers disempower, but asking questions actually creates Demolecular Manifestation—the re-arranging of molecules to bring you what you have asked for. Demolecular Manifestation is a process that invites communion with the molecules and allows them to change at your invitation.

Changing the turbulence while aboard an aircraft is another frequent magic trick used by accessories, many of whom are gypsies at heart. It’s as easy as extending your awareness 600 miles or more outside the aircraft in all directions and asking the air to be smooth. Like all magic, this works much better if you are not vested in the outcome. Chances are you’ll forget about the airline turbulence because it will have disappeared long before the pilot remembers to turn off the fasten seatbelt sign.

Many people who are familiar with the Access Consciousness™ tools routinely use them to create magic. Getting desired possessions at an “unbelievably good” price, getting seats available when none were previously available in crowded restaurants and planes, and other “impossibilities” are regular occurrences in the lives of people who are willing to ask questions like “what would it take?” and “what else is possible?”

Do you notice a theme in these examples? They all involve asking the forces of nature or other objects to do as you ask. If you’re used to “setting an intention,” creating vision boards, or other such new age tricks, you may find this too easy to believe. What if the only thing keeping it from being easy were your belief that it had to be hard? Which feels lighter, setting an intention, or asking?

The things that can be changed are limited only by your imagination. You can ask your body, your possessions, your house, your computer, and your car to contribute to the magic in your life.

One obese woman who got smaller by two dress sizes in the three days between her first and second Levels 2 & 3 class simply asked her body what it would take for her arms to be firmer. Donnielle Carter’s story that opens the latest Access Consciousness™ book, Right Body for You, is nothing short of magical.

One wine maker, whose job it was to be extremely aware of the taste of his own wine, was astonished when a wine which he knew to be a combination of only mediocre grapes suddenly tasted much better than he thought was possible. Later several of his employees confessed that they had been using Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation to improve the taste of the wine. This seriously shook the foundations of this vintner’s universe!

What’s in your universe that you haven’t even considered you could change? What if it could be much easier than you thought?



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Oct 17, 2012

i love the comment on air turbulence. last week i was on a flight on a small plane with extreme weather forcast. several passengers sitting around me said they had tried to cancel their tickets but could not. i simply had the mindset that we were being offered the possibility of some extra thrills and spills, a bit like a roller coaster ride for FREE. An added bonus, how cool, they are not charging us extra for this! When i said this out loud you could see it ticking over in their minds. another possibility! the trip was calmer than usual with nil turbulence. when we arrived the lady beside me actually turned to me and said “thanks, i’m so glad i was sitting next to you, i enjoyed the flight”. How can it get even better than that!

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Bret Rushia

Oct 24, 2012

that is so cool, thank you for that!

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